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Statig Wonen makelaars consciously focuses on exclusive residential real estate and offers a range of services that are in line with this. The team consists of 4 passionate specialists who have been working in the industry for a long time and where everyone has developed their own specialism.

Perry Jacobs has been a broker and certified appraiser for many years and knows the Southeast Brabant region like no other. As an entrepreneur, he has already successfully set up various real estate offices.

Kenneth Verstralen is our acquisition and event manager, he has a special knowledge of the Eindhoven real estate market and has an enormous network within our target group.

Boudewijn Trieling is the specialist in the field of marketing and creative solutions to increase the marketability of your home. His advice has often proved successful.

Danielle Hartog is a real estate agent in the Dutch lake area with an office in Loosdrecht and she knows this beautiful area very well. She is a true networker. Her experience in business is a strong addition for you as a seller and buyer. She is the specialist in this area for both the purchase and sale of your exclusive home.

Janneke Stabèl has been a real estate agent for more than 10 years, with experience both at home and abroad. Together with her brother Tom Stabèl, they have a boutique real estate agency in the center of Oisterwijk from where they serve the Vught-Oisterwijk region in a unique way. The high degree of service orientation and quality characterize their services.

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Featured Listings

Biezenkuilen 98

Veldhoven, Netherlands

€1,100,000 EUR

5 3
Oudewater, Netherlands

€1,450,000 EUR

3 1
Torfveld 32

Oud-Turnhout, Belgium

€2,395,000 EUR

5 5
Tegenbosch 33

Eindhoven, Netherlands

€12,500 EUR

8 5
Cornelis Beerninckstraat 98

Mijdrecht, Netherlands

€845,000 EUR

6 1
De Piano 4

Beek en Donk, Netherlands

€845,000 EUR

5 2

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Perry Jacobs

Statig Wonen Makelaars

Eindhoven, Netherlands

Boudewijn Trieling

Statig Wonen Makelaars

Eindhoven, Netherlands

Kenneth Verstralen

Statig Wonen Makelaars

Eindhoven, Netherlands

Danielle Hartog

Statig Wonen Makelaars

Loosdrecht, Netherlands

Janneke Stabèl

Statig Wonen Makelaars

Oisterwijk, Netherlands