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I have spent my entire professional life in the restaurant business. Starting in 1965, I was looking for part-time work and my neighbor worked for Marie Callender's Pie Shop in Orange, California, as a waitress, serving only pie and coffee at the time. She would bring home leftover pies to share with us and I begged her to let me know when they needed help. That marked the beginning of my 50 year career with Marie Callender's. In 1971, myself, along with three other co-workers opened our first franchise restaurant in Seal Beach, CA. Then, there were three more opened over the next 25 years.

Working with people over many years, which is 90% of the restaurant business, I have developed the skills that make people feel welcome and comfortable around me at the first meeting.

My real estate transactions include negotiating restaurant leases and my own personal investment properties, residents, and vacation properties.

Building trust, through character and honesty, along with hard work will work with any business. We all know that referrals and repeat customers are key to the success and growth. Without clients, we have nothing. Along with trust, character, honesty, and hard work, there is one more piece. That is, "exceeding your client's expectations." If that can be accomplished, you have a client for life. That is my expectation.

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