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John’s real estate practice is cemented on the premise of serving with excellence. Native to Dallas-Fort Worth, he has over 15 years of experience in real estate—and a very special history of connecting with his clients and helping them successfully achieve their goals.
John is progressive and insightful. He is a purveyor of high ethics and standards, kindness, duty and gratitude. Every client is different - every situation is different. With unordinary dedication, you can count on John to tailor and execute a plan for you that delivers. His acumen of hard work and unrelenting attention to detail will help you navigate twists and turns—and realize the best possible outcome.

From cozy cottages—to sleek condos—to elegant mansions, John understands the importance of quality and good aesthetics. There are many wheels and spokes involved in a real estate transaction. On your behalf, John will handle each with exceptional care, style and skill.

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