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As a 4th generation Arizonan and the great-granddaughter of W.R. Norton, the founder of Sunnyslope, and one of the early notable architects in Arizona, Sheral James is passionate about our State. Sheral takes pride in assisting individuals and businesses become acclimated and flourish here.

With an eye towards real estate beginning in college at Arizona State University, Sheral graduated with a Business Administration degree, with emphasis on all components of the Real Estate market. Through her career in leadership positions in the commercial and residential real estate industry, Sheral developed a passion for working with clients from the conception of their project, above and beyond trouble-shooting throughout the process, and continuing post-project by maintaining communication and continuing to respond to their needs.

Now, coming full circle back to a total focus in the residential real estate field, Sheral brings her experience to benefit clients, both in the marketing of their properties and assisting in every facet of their transition, as well as in working hand in hand to consider all options in finding the perfect environment in which to live their best lives. She has extensive experience working with individuals and companies who are moving to our market, which benefits Sellers in providing eyes on their property that clients would not typically have access to.

Profiled in Arizona Business Magazine, with an article title of “Outside the Box”, Sheral is a diverse individual and an “idea person”, drawing from extensive resources to assist her clients. Her personal interests are many, from running and biking several marathons, hiking throughout the southwest, sailing in our many beautiful lakes and on both coasts, skiing the wonderful slopes in several states, to animal rescue efforts. No matter where your interests lie, Sheral is passionate about contributing to the community and connecting those new to the area with community assets, activities, and charitable organizations.

Simply put, having a strong belief and personal requirement of doing less better and doing ordinary things extraordinarily well, you can be assured Sheral’s focus will be on your needs, small or large. She is truly excited to meet you and facilitate your next move in life!

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