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Suzanne Slate got a real "school of hard knocks education" after graduating college. She was recruited as a systems engineer in Boston by Ross Perot at EDS. While the hours were excruciatingly long and expectations incredibly hard, it brought out all of her ability. This experience proved to her that she could accomplish anything.

Suzanne’s deep love of golf and the outdoors was the catalyst for her move to South Florida over 20 years ago. Suzanne became interested in real estate and decided it was time for a career change. Her well-trained approach is simple; listen to her clients, guide them, and successfully deliver desired results. Basically put, “I thrive on being with people. I have been around all types of great, amazing people and some real tough ones. I am not intimidated and I look at people with respect and speak to them with intelligence. If I don’t know something, I am not afraid to say I don’t know it and will find the answer. I learn something every day and I also love to help others.

As in the engineering industry, paying attention to detail and logic is critical, and it’s no different in real estate. “I take stressful situations and break them down into manageable pieces and let that person(s) know that I will be there for them at any time. Usually stress is based on not knowing or the unknown. My goal is to help provide my clients with more information and find answers so the process of home buying and selling seems less daunting,” says Suzanne. “I am also excellent at following up. I have this insane nagging in my brain when I have not completed what I know needs to get done. I won’t let a deal fall apart due to a missed detail or deadline.”

“Golf is my peace and quiet and is a sport where total concentration is necessary and statistical decisions makes or breaks your game. It helps me relax and forget anything else in my mind. I am extremely competitive, but mostly against myself. My other passion is the New England Patriots. I literally get depressed…(AFTER we win the Super Bowl)…when the season ends."

Family is extremely important to Suzanne. She is married with 3 sons, all in their 20s. Her eldest works as a dentist; her middle, who is also a cancer survivor, works in the IT field, and her youngest is a junior at UCF studying Actuarial Science and Statistics. Suzanne’s mother and father have since passed but had an incredible effect on her upbringing, as her father, a West Point graduate, was a marketing executive, and her mother a teacher. They were both amazing role models and helped to supply her with the values and determination needed for her family and career.

Suzanne involves herself in many charitable and non-profit organizations that benefit her community. However, she is also forever committed to the South Florida Kids Cancer Foundation, as her son, Ben, was diagnosed with bone cancer at the age of 9. “He never complained during years of chemo and surgeries and today he is still facing a life-threatening situation, yet he still remains calm and makes great decisions. He inspires me to keep going, and that if he can do it, so can I!”

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In all career fields, there are only a small number of people that truly stand out. Suzanne Slate is one of those individuals. She is far more than a seasoned real estate salesperson. Suzanne is an expert in the area of interior/exterior decoration. She knows the market and what buyers are looking for. Suzanne is a coach. She led us through a process of continuous improvement and remained engaged to the end. Suzanne has an invaluable list of service providers that are reliable and quick to respond. She managed all of the services we needed. Suzanne will go above and beyond the expectations of a realtor. She is hands-on, has an exceptional knowledge of the market and will personally attend to anything you need. My recommendation, do exactly what she says.

Keith Gledhill

This letter will serve as our letter of recommendation for Real Estate Agent Suzanne Slate. She assisted my husband and I with the purchase of our forever home in Steeplechase located in Palm Beach Gardens.

Suzanne is an excellent real estate agent. Her seasoned skills of negation is what secured the deal for us and we are so grateful! Not only is Suzanne an excellent negotiator but also friendly and kindhearted. When you hire Suzanne you’re not just receiving a great broker but also a friend. We can’t say enough about her professionalism and knowledge within the industry always keeping the clients best interests in mind.

She does a great job of listening to her client’s needs and is extremely responsive during the entire process. Thanks to Suzanne, our transaction closed very smoothly. Even after we moved into our new home, Suzanne had great follow through making sure we were happy with our purchase.

Ryan & Amy Darling

Hello Suzanne,

Please accept this email as a letter of thanks and recommendation for the sale of my home at 5717 Native Dancer Rd.( Steeplechase) You showed a high level of professionalism and care throughout the process from listing to closing. Your attention to detail from negotiations to inspections to closing was greatly appreciated. I would highly recommend you to all for future listings. Again, I thank you for a job well done.


Mark Filtranti

Mark Filtranti

Looking to find our forever home, we had become increasingly frustrated talking to realtors who really didn't understand what we were looking for, or said they would help us and then we never heard back from them. Even worse, they would send us emails with listings that didn't even come close to what we requested. But that changed when we met Suzanne Slate. We didn't get a long list of homes that didn't fit our needs or a lot of nonsense about what they think we would like in a home. Suzanne is warm and compassionate. She listened to us, kept in contact, and took a personal interest in helping us find a home that we would love. She was a true professional and you could tell that she loves making people happy. Suzanne went above and beyond our expectations and it became more of a joy looking at homes rather than a tedious chore. To put it simply, if you're looking to find your happy place, call Suzanne - - you'll be glad you did!

Beverly Bard

Suzanne Slate of Echo Properties was assigned the task of selling our property in the Palm Beach Gardens, Florida community of Steeplechase. To begin, Suzanne and her team at Echo implemented a solid, comprehensive sales marketing approach relating to our property.Surprisingly, Suzanne oversaw each marketing approach with unique insight to create buyer interest in our residence. Second, Suzanne politely conveyed to us subtle, non-obvious recommendations to facilitate improvement within the residence. Within months of our listing, Hurricane Irma visited our area. Unashamed, Suzanne worked tirelessly showing our home, at all hours, to include numerous open houses. Soon, Suzanne secured an offer and additional showings, upon proper notice, were too numerous to count. Impressively, Suzanne, not another realtor from or within her team, attended each showing. Feedback, positive, neutral, or negative, was shared with us so we were aware sooner than later what, if any, price adjustments or property showing recommendations were necessary. Next, unforeseen circumstances created additional barriers to the sale of our home. Suzanne, instead of quitting or becoming frustrated, “shifted” into a problem-solving speed dial realtor. Suzanne had an answer, not excuse, for each hurdle we had to overcome to implement the sale of our home of fifteen years. Many real estate sensitive issues developed that Suzanne guided us through in a concise, calm yet no-nonsense fashion that dispelled anxious moments that existed during our listing, due to the actions of other realtors or interested prospects. In the end, we now are proceeding to a real estate closing that would not have occurred without Suzanne as our realtor.Beyond her unmatched expertise, Suzanne possesses a client first approach that allows her to respond to weekend, evening, Holiday, or vacation inquiries from her clients. To be clear, the only time Suzanne was not at a house showing or open house, was when she was out of state on vacation. In each instance, without fail, Suzanne, while out of state, provided instant feedback on each showing and open house. In short, Suzanne was uninterested in discussing her or her team’s needs. Instead, Suzanne and Echo were relentless in their desire to assist their clients without regard to the energy, time, or expense affiliated with this endeavor from their end. Without reservation, if you wish a responsive, intellectual, humble, attentive, compassionate, and professional realtor, choose Suzanne and her team at Echo Properties.

Thomas J. and Mary Beth Ali

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