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Michael LaFido is both a top-producing Realtor and luxury real estate consultant to agents with 15 years of experience in the industry.

Throughout his career, Michael has learned the importance of “lifestyle” and direct response marketing versus “traditional marketing”, which has become the key to his success. This marketing approach is based on years of research, coaching, trial and error and feedback from some of the worlds best marketers. Michael teaches top producing real estate agents worldwide to “think like a marketer” and not like “traditional” agents.

Over the past fifteen years, LaFido and his team developed a method that takes a more comprehensive, proactive approach to marketing a home. Every property is assessed with the homeowner, and a customizable blueprint to position the home in front of more buyers and brokers is created. Our goal is to create massive exposure and press both online and offline to targeted both buyers, brokers, and influencers worldwide.

Michael’s a best selling author and his marketing has been featured worldwide. He is the founder of the nationally recognized “Verified House” Program for home sellers. He is a leading authority in the real estate field and is highly sought after as a national speaker.

Call Michael at (888) 930-8510 if you are open to learning more about how the Marketing Luxury Group can help real estate agents use his unique lifestyle marketing strategies.

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Michael LaFido

Michael LaFido of Marketing Luxury Group

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