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For 20 years, Darryl Lutz' dedication to quality service and needs of his clients has established himself among the top 6% of licensed Realtors in Los Angeles county(Homelight 2019).

His extensive knowledge of REO/Foreclosure property and corporate clients-(mainly banking institutions), has given Darryl expertise in many legal aspects of the business.

Darryl serviced bank One Corporation(2001) , Bank of America(2007), Countrywide Home Loans(2010), Fannie Mae(2009)Fidelity Financial Corporation(present), Old Republic Corporation(present),in addition to other corporate clients with smaller portfolios during his tenur in the REO business.

Compromise is also a factor in any business, Darryls' experience has shown him the ability to seperate those issues which are important to his clients, and what they can live without...so ultimately his clients are satisfied.

"The most expensive financial decision a client will ever make is buying and selling their home, and it is imperative the broker make this process the top-priority..."

-Darryl Lutz

-Born in Hollywood California, a graduate of Beverly Hills High School, and makes good sense he landed at Rodeo Realty.

Darryl is Sag/Aftra affiliate actor, musician. Darryl was a licensed member with Los Angeles Crisis Response Team,with LAPD, FEMA, LAFD under Mayor Garcetti and Department of Homeland Security and public Safety( -2013-2018)

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Regent Territory
Beverly Hills & Los Angeles County
English, Italian.

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