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Aaron turned his lifelong passion for real estate into a career as a Realtor with RODEO REALTY. After receiving his degree in Economics and Business from Ohio University, he moved to Los Angeles, where he's spent the last decade falling in love with everything this city has to offer.

His first years out here were spent giving back to the community through a non-profit program focused on education in underprivileged areas. The experience was extremely humbling and brought to light the importance of community, education, and patience.

Aaron practices integrity, energy, hard work, and creativity throughout his life and in every step of the real estate transaction. Communication and organization are key for Aaron and the team. A natural-born leader, Aaron will confidently guide you through the detail-oriented process of buying and selling real estate.

Whether you are a first time home buyer, an owner looking to sell, investing in rental or vacation properties, or looking to lease; Aaron will make sure you are comfortable, informed, and confident every step of the way.

Aaron's passion for SoCal continues to grow. He spends his downtime outdoors playing basketball or volleyball on the beach, performing and writing music, hiking, rock climbing, traveling, and snowboarding. He has found an incredible community and home in Los Angeles and is committed to helping people find theirs.

Contact Aaron for any of your real estate needs or simply for help exploring the music, art, beaches, and great restaurants this city has to offer!

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