Barnes International Luxury Real Estate entered the Portuguese market in order to identify the best areas, the best properties and the best opportunities of Lisbon and other Portuguese cities promoting them within our vast international customer portfolio. A portfolio that has grown over time, once Lisbon is now considered one of the most beautiful European cities to visit, inviting many people to stay. The low prices of housing and cost of living compared to their European counterparts, tax incentives for rehabilitation and investment, as well as the tax exemption to non-habitual residents, are key factors of the growing attraction and interest of Lisbon.

Barnes Portugal wants to find a proposal that meets or exceeds the expectations of those interested in buying and / or selling through the Group, taking advantage of its global presence and world wide network. As a consultant and mediator, working in the Real Estate Premium segment, Barnes International has distinguished itself over the last 20 years, becoming the main player in the Franco-Swiss Real Estate market with representation in dozens of countries, in particular in Paris, Bordeaux, Corsica, Monaco, Geneva, London, New York, Miami, Saint Barth, Moscow, Singapore, Hong Kong and most recently Lisbon.

Both in Portugal as well as in all other Barnes agencies, there are several real estate communication channels available with quarterly publications covering the European continent as well as America and Asia. The client will also have access to a highly qualified team formed with more than 300 consultants ensuring an overall response capacity and assuring the high quality of the service provided.

This is only possible due to a solid structure and a close relationship that Barnes International promotes with their representatives as well as all its stakeholders. This close relationship has been unquestionably one of the Group's success factors over time and it is this same relationship we want to encourage in all our partnerships.

Thus, we are at your full disposal, looking forward to provide any additional information you may require.

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Lisbon, Portugal

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Lisbon, Portugal

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Lisbon, Portugal

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Sintra, Portugal

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