Kathleen Callahan

Kathleen Callahan

Kathleen Callahan


Why Do You Need The Services of An Experienced Real Estate Broker? HERE'S WHY..

Deciding How Your Move Will Best Be Accomplished

After you've decided that a move is advantageous, we can discuss the various ways in which it can be accomplished. Is it possible to buy first before selling? Is there another way to avoid a contingent offer? Is selling first an option? I have a lot of ideas about how to structure the transaction so that your goals can be attained in a way that works for you.

Preparing Your Home For Sale

I can give you valuable advice on how to maximize the selling price of your current home, and I work with a group of professionals who can provide any needed finishing touches such as painting, landscaping or staging.

Marketing to Produce the Maximum Sales Price

In marketing a property, careful preparation, attention to detail and perfect timing are all essential. In 17 years in this business, I have developed a marketing plan which can be relied upon to produces the best results.

The Transaction

Our basic Purchase Contract now has 10 pages and 32 clauses. Answers to the questions which come up are not simple, and I will spend as much time as necessary to acquaint you with all the ramifications of each paragraph. Contrary to the beliefs of many, under California law, no one, not even a lawyer, is held to as high a standard of competence and expertise in the area of Real Estate as a licensed Real Estate broker. In addition, to quote from the Agency Disclosure statement required by California Civil Code, a broker owes "a fiduciary duty of utmost care, integrity, honesty and loyalty" to his or her principal. In my case, these duties are the most important part of the job. Fulfilling them is my most important goal, in fact a more important goal than anything else.

For Buyers

Finding the right house requires a total commitment from both the broker and the client. Only by committing yourself to a broker in whom you have confidence can you be assured of the best possible result. When you put the project into my hands, I promise to make sure that you are informed of every new listing as soon as it is available, or sooner, if possible. I will provide you with any information you need in order to come to a decision and I will give you the best advice on how to accomplish your goals in making an offer.

After Escrow Closes

I am committed to serving you as long as I am in the business, and your calls for information and advice will always be welcomed.

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Kathleen Callahan
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