San Diego Real Estate Sees Promising Outlook with First Team and Sea Coast Exclusive Properties Merger


First Team Real Estate logoIRVINE, CA - With another record year behind them, First Team Real Estate started 2019 strong with the monumental announcement that, with the help of Sea Coast Exclusive Properties, First Team will be making their mark in the San Diego real estate market.

Both real estate brokerages—though initially starting out as locally owned and operated, independent brokerages—have grown to be recognized as exemplary companies in their respective communities. First TeamFirst Team holds the title of Southern California’s #1 Real Estate Brokerage for yet another year in a row, and Sea Coast presents a specialized expertise in the North San Diego coastal markets. Combined with Sea Coast’s $453 million in sales volume last year,[1] First Team has been established as the fastest growing brokerage in Southern California.

“This merger takes us far beyond the reach of our competitors when it comes to our united market share within the communities of Oceanside, Encinitas and Carlsbad,” stated First Team President Michael Mahon. With their combined success, First Team Real Estate will be established as the #1 closed volume independent brokerage within these localized markets. “First Team has been the dominant leader in Southern California because it comes down to trust,” explained Mr. Mahon. “Sea Coast shares that same level of trust with customers in the community.” As First Team dominates the market in Oceanside, Encinitas and Carlsbad, their new merger will continue to strengthen their presence in San Diego real estate.

Sea Coast will additionally benefit from First Team’s alliances with their luxury affiliations that give them an advantage in the luxury market, including Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate. First Team “The luxury affiliations and advanced digital weapons that First Team wields are game changers for us,” explained Vice President and General Manager of Sea Coast, Loren Sanders. “This move brings a big advantage to our agents that work in the luxury market in North San Diego County.”

First Team’s base is continually expanding. With a healthy business model, over $5.4 billion in sales volume last year,[2] and over 43 years of following a family-oriented culture, the company is able to reach further into California territories as they grow. “We believe in constantly cultivating our family, and we are simply not content with staying stagnant,” stated First Team founder and CEO Cameron Merage. This constant cultivation establishes itself in over 2,000 real estate professionals all across Southern California that are proud to be a part of the growing First Team family. In 2018 alone, the brokerage welcomed a staggering 600 agents to their team, bringing over $1.5 billion in added sales volume.[3] The brokerage plans to extend their welcome to more agents—and merging companies like Sea Coast—in 2019. “Deeply rooted relationships keep us connected to our staff, agents, and customers,” related Mike Evans, owner and CEO of Sea Coast. “First Team perfectly models how a business with a family culture can thrive and continue growing, even in recessions or market uncertainties. Together, we will sustain our family-first approach as we claim the title for #1 in market share in Oceanside, Encinitas and Carlsbad.”

“We have wanted to invest in the San Diego community for a long time,” stated First Team President Michael Mahon. “Sea Coast idealizes a lot of the same principles, values and business ethics that we prize here at First Team. Their experience and deep roots in San Diego real estate make this merger beneficial to both of our teams. First Team and Sea Coast focus on serving and giving back to the communities around us; together, we will be able to accomplish so much more."

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