ArriveHome Real Estate App Launches in Denver with “Live” Real Estate Brokers becoming the Fastest Way for Home Buyers to See a Property for Sale

1493742466DENVER, CO – A new real estate application has launched in Denver that provides prospective homebuyers with the fastest way to see a home for sale in their desired neighborhood.  By showing “live” locations of real estate brokers within the app’s map, homebuyers can select a home, pick a nearby broker, and see the home immediately. ArriveHome “Uberizes” the real estate process by making it as simple as requesting a ride on your smartphone, and industry observers expect the new app to dramatically alter the real estate search process.

Developed by Jeffrey Narlinger, an owner of a software development company and California real estate broker, and his cousin, Todd Narlinger, Broker/Owner of a leading Denver-based real estate brokerage, ArriveHome delivers a home buying experience for all generations.  Users can connect with real estate professionals in a consumer’s desired neighborhood, and agents can let homebuyers know in real time when and where they are available to show homes on a given day.  Users can see the latest homes that hit the market and see the homes faster than was previously available.

“As a California real estate broker and founder of, my game/application development company, I have a fairly complete background of blending mobile development and applying it to real estate,” said Jeffrey Narlinger.  “During my home search, I felt there was always something missing in the market, but it wasn’t until my cousin, Todd, presented the idea for the app that the lights came on and I was on-board.

“With ArriveHome, consumers actually see the agent who is active in their desired neighborhood,” Narlinger continued.  “Additionally, agents are always waiting for a buyer’s request, just like calling for a ride.  It’s instant and it feels casual, which we call a ‘service platform’ that enables buyers to see the home faster than ever before.  For agents, ArriveHome provides a fantastic opportunity to create exposure that provides immediate deep connection to potential leads and also allows them to deliver directed social media updates to their network around availability.  This maximizes the agent’s time and efficiency by driving real time location and availability connections, which will result in a dramatic shift in the current real estate home search process.” 

“We believe that ArriveHome will completely change the way real estate is done and completely disrupt the real estate market,” said Todd Narlinger.  “We are piloting the ArriveHome app with our real estate agents in the Denver area and they love it.  ArriveHome basically combines Uber with Zillow.  It truly is the fastest way to see a home that’s for sale.  If app users have an agent they know, like and trust, or have an agency relationship with, no worries.  The app lets you track where your agent is and if they are available.  ArriveHome users can also view a home’s features via a direct listing feed, shoot agent’s a quick text or give them a call, read agent reviews and profiles, and find live agents in about three minutes.  The service-based platform is driven by agent activity and not an agent’s ad campaign that provides more transparency for everyone.  In addition, ArriveHome’s full-time development team is constantly making changes and improvements to the platform.”

ArriveHome is currently available exclusively in the Denver market and available on iPhone.  Android and Google are coming soon.  In the near future, ArriveHome will expand into the Utah, Southern California, and Dallas markets, with other markets on the horizon.

For more information, please visit or contact Todd Narlinger at 303-525-6155, email