Denver Area Businesses Thrive, Event Organizers and Sponsors Prosper from Postings on Local Denver Blog

1461003277DENVER, CO – Denver area businesses and event organizers are benefiting from one of the most popular blogs about the Mile High City. showcases just about everything you want to know about Denver, from concerts and fashions to restaurants and holiday events.

Businesses who utilize the blog have seen dramatic increases in sales and traffic.  The same is true for event organizers and sponsors who have sold out available tickets in record fashion.  The daily blog gets more than 3,000 unique page hits per day, which is over 140,000 hits each month.  In addition, the blog’s Facebook page has more than 4,000 likes.

Bloggers will find information on spring festivals, comedians, the best places to eat and drink, and a wealth of information on things you can do in Denver that might be among the city’s best kept secrets.  Users can also share their tips, secrets, and events. is essentially a one-stop information shopping blog for Denver.


“I moved to Denver nearly nine years ago, and as a new resident of the city, I kept looking for things to do with my husband and my children,” said Mor Zucker, a local businesswoman and the creator of The Denver Ear blog.  “I found a few resources, but they were scattered all over the internet.  I would find events suitable for adults in one place, a resource for parents in another, news and information on local businesses in yet another place.  I told some of my friends about some events and shops and was surprised to learn that even Colorado natives had not heard of them.  That’s when I decided to share everything I could gather on a single site.”  

TheDenverEar blog includes a weekly newsletter distributed every Friday, the latest news, prize giveaways, things to do with your children and much more.  The blog is helping local businesses and special events flourish when they were previously struggling.

“My biggest and most rewarding surprise of all was the positive effect the blog is having on local businesses,” said Zucker.  “Small and relatively unknown shops suddenly saw a surge in sales and local events sold out all available tickets.  It made me realize how much my little labor of love made a difference and that has been my driving motivation day in and day out.”

If you want to share your events, secrets, and business with others, check out  All submissions are carefully reviewed and chosen based upon how well they integrate with the blog’s brand.  For more information, contact Mor Zucker at 303-557-8862, or contact Mor via email at