Stefano Petri Analyses the Numbers of 2015 and Presents Projects for 2016

Posted by Riccardo Magini — January 25, 2016

1453750849SIENA, ITALY - Stefano Petri proudly compiled the analysis of 2015, now coming to the end, having studied the results of the group's work and described the ways of future development.

On December 15, 2015 the year-end meeting with a lunch for staff was held in the presence of more than 70 persons: professionals from the central office, from the branch offices of Via dei Colli in Umbria, Vinci Properties in Marche, Monti Real Estate in Piedmont, from the offices in San Vincenzo, Spoleto, Porto Santo Stefano and Fabro.  Only the representatives of Sardinia office were absent as they were engaged in a negotiation, and some other professionals from various institutions were also involved in their working activity.

The agenda items were as follows:

  1. Analysis of sales in 2015

The first point included the deals closed by the head office and by various branches in common.

As for the head office, here were done 31 sales with a total value of approximately 23 million Euros. The important fact is that this year the total income equals more that 1 million Euro, the increase of about 50%, comparing with the previous year when we also had significant results - around 700,000 Euro.

The numbers are really impressive. They emphasize that right organization of the head office confirms its performance and stability in time that is also reflecting in numbers.

Such growing trend and propitiate results were confirmed by the various branches in particular:

Office Via dei Colli (6 sales for total 2.5 million euro)

The Via dei Colli office, managed by Dr. Stefano Calafà, continues to do a great job and to be a strong point for the Great Estate group, thanks to the constant efforts and respectful collaboration between branch offices and the head one.

Office in Sardinia (5 sales for total € 1.5 million)

Luca Bonifaci, our manager for the Sardinia region, quickly reacted on the absence of desired results in 2014, and achieved significant successes in 2015. Taking into account that it is a new branch and for this moment it is formed by only one specialist, the results in 2015 are considerable.

Office in Marche (10 sales for total 4 million euro)

The office in Marche is managed by our friend David Parish, it was one of the first agencies that believed in Great Estate network, and this year it reached good results. It was quite expected, considering the work of market adaptation and collaboration with the central office. It is one of the greatest satisfactions this year, given the fact that even the first years of our work we did not show low results, now we are aware that our methodology and synergy between branch offices and the central one have definitely led to the results we deserved. So, we can say that in 2015 our working method was awarded.

Office in Piedmont (1 sale plus two negotiations in process for about 2 million euro)

The office in Piedmont is our latest “expansion” but thanks to our already gained experience we started with a good setting and with the right organization that allowed us in a short term (six months) to define three negotiations. It should be mentioned once again that the format of Great Estate Network works and has huge potential for further development.

If we make the sum of all the offices we will find that the total value of sold properties equals approximately 35 million euro, with the creation of about 2 million Euros for intermediation service.

  1. Analysis of after-sale work done by the group

Another very important point is the process of after-sale work, the restoration that brought us 7 million euro.

This opportunity was chosen by all our partners and clients who have found a group of professionals valid and able to meet all clients' requirements. Unfortunately, very often we can meet pseudo professionals circulating in world of Real Estate that did not care about clients' satisfaction but only about their own.

That is why our project Partners is growing. This is a sector of our group that we want to develop in coming years, in order to provide our clients with a 360-degree service.

  1. Marketing Plans

The sharing of advertising costs, with many our sellers, has increased compared to 2014, when we had approximately 150,000 Euros. These numbers are certainly small comparing with about 1 million Euros a year, invested in the organization and work of marketing group, aimed to find as more new clients as possible all over the world, but, of course, this contribution allows us to support the investment itself.

  1. Future projects

The income generated in 2015 has allowed, as it has historically been for our group, continue to think about the improvement of services and utilities of the group.

In this regard our general manager Stefano Petri had the honor to present the following developments:

  1. Project Reality

For over a year Stefano Petri has being involved in the important project Reality that will be performed on the national level. On the meeting he presented the new program of property valuation.

This program combines the international expertise in geospatial analysis, together with our experience in the real estate market that allows creating a system that will change and revolutionize the Italian market and property valuations.

In his presentation he mentioned Dr. Simone Gadenz, a co-founder of the program together with Stefano Petri, prof. Giovanni Liberatore and prof. Argiolas – the creators of this ambitious project that in 2016 will be presented on the market.

In the coming months all the staff of the Great Estate group will do the benchmark of the program to test it before its expected release in March 2016.

This project makes us even more proud of our team and adds us more confidence on a market where professionalism and computerization are not always present but which have always characterized our group.

  1. New brand Right Estate

The same day the new brand of the group was presented, which will give an answer to all those parts of the market that are not reported or partially reported on the international market and for which Great Estate is now a single reference point in Italy.

The birth of the brand Right Estate was the natural consequence of the Network development aimed to meet the demand of many partner agencies that noticed the great potential of the group in communication and international marketing, and they have asked the group of reproduce the same format for a "local" market.

Within this integration, the group acts as a 360-degree business solution for all those agencies that want to invest 100% of their time managing clients, buyers or sellers, delegating all marketing and communication work to those who over the years have been proving their ability to perform this task very well, plus optimizing cost and providing unique opportunities in the Italian Real Estate.

  1. New website and new magazine Great Estate

The same day it was also presented the new magazine of the group that will be on line very soon (by January 2015) and a first draft of the new website Great Estate where were adopted the latest technologies in terms of SEO and, first of all, was done the transformation of the site from the static look to something highly social.

In the new version users, at last, will have a possibility to interact with Great Estate, to give feedback to a number of aspects and to have their own private area with a large number of available activities.

Moreover, the new magazine developed by Dr. Riccardo Magini, who is responsible for communications in our central office for about a year, encompasses everything that Great Estate wants to share in the future, transforming from a simple real estate agency to a reference group of Italy.

The new magazine has series of columns that will constantly inform our clients and all professionals about the network activities. The magazine is logically divided into macro areas with various topics that will rout visitors directly to the sections of their interest.

  1. New Program of the Group

The module Reality will be implemented in the coming months and will provide the real advanced management, completely replacing the management used by the group till now. Its implementation and such important development will motivate the strong desire to grow and to stay ahead.

The program includes a series of modules, many of which will have a user-friendly interface accessible directly from websites, making all the professionals and clients closer and giving both an opportunity to participate in future developments of the group.

This program derives from more than 10-year experience of Stefano Petri and his study aimed on the creation of specific management for real estate agencies and, thanks to the great contribution of each professional of the group, will make a further imprinting on the desire of professional growth and developing of new services for clients.

  1. Opening of the rental department

In 2016 the Great Estate group will enter the market with holiday rental service.

During many years the group has been considering the rental industry as a normally developing business with great communication work, visibility and public relations that we have already created.

The willingness to offer every type of service with utmost professionalism and with right timing, made us to postpone this new startup for many years.

2016 will be the year of launch in this field for our group and we are ready to provide our clients with such service as they have requested us about such experience not once.

  1. Implementation of German and Russian sectors

The desire to increase international visibility of the group is still of current interest, so we are planning the implementation of two professionals for the German and Russian market.

This development is mainly focused on increasing indexing of the web site and its complete translation into German, at the expense of investments in real estate portals of these two language areas and also through the strengthening of public relations with German and Russian international agencies.

These days we are organizing a two-day business trip to Russia aimed to present our new partnership program to one of the most important Russian agencies and its clients.

We can confidently say that 2015 was a very important and decisive year for our group. We are sure that in 2016 the range of our services will increase and our activity will be spread over the different areas of our beautiful country, through the various branches, to provide the high level organization, professionalism and computerization required by the Real Estate World.

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