Giacomo Buonavita of Great Estate Group Sells Castello Di Montalbano in Acquasparta, Italy

1448906296PALAZZONE, ITALY - It does not happen very often – to deal with the property protected by law as it is considered to be the cultural heritage of great historical value, but the Great Estate Group was able to manage outstandingly well the selling of such property. Il Castello is situated 370 meters above sea level, on the rock of Montalbano, from which it takes its name, in a dominating position, immersed in beautiful greenery with a 360-degree panoramic view of the countryside and the surrounding villages of Acquasparta and the farther town of Todi that has ancient origin. The first documents testifying its construction dated back to the Middle Ages, according to historical sources, it seemed to be a part of a big defensive “circle" which included other neighboring strongholds. Step by step I accompanied the Italian sellers and, thanks to the signing of a marketing plan and careful evaluation of the property that led to the price reduction, less than in two years, we were able to close the deal, making the sellers, as well as the buyers, fully satisfied.

1448906325 The sale of the property, protected by the Superintendence and therefore subjected to laws and tight constraints, made me more than satisfied with its relatively quick results. All this was possible thanks to the tools used by the Group in order to reach the set goals and also thanks to the clients who understood the potential of the property, followed our recommendations without any hesitation and relied on the seriousness and professionalism of Great Estate.