Empty Nesters Release New Book ‘The Art of Real Estate’ to Fill Void


1431641718PIEDMONT, CA - As millions of parents across the US watch children graduate this spring, Authors, Parents and Realtors Debbi DiMaggio and Adam Betta have written a new book, “The Art of Real Estate” (April 2015), to help fill a major void with two children preparing to leave home. While a son heading to college in the fall and daughter graduating college, Debbi DiMaggio reflects. "When your children leave the nest, it's not just your child who is leaving but all of their friends and activities that complicate, yet, complete and brighten your life."

1431642246With Mother’s Day last Sunday, May 10, 2015, the holiday was another reminder for Debbi and Adam that the nest is almost empty with a son who went to prom that weekend, plus a daughter preparing for college graduation. As nurturing parents, they release their new book with big hearts, and describe the importance of treating contractors and clients as “family.”

Similar to getting an emotional checklist ready for the empty nest, Adam and Debbi now help buyers, sellers and consumers prepare for a major change in residence with easy-to-follow steps in “The Art of Real Estate.” Readers will find helpful checklists such as “How do I get my nest in order?” and “How do I choose a mortgage lender?” The book also suggests referrals and recommendations one should request from an agent regarding service providers who can assist in the sorting through and purging of a lifetime of things and memories. Any great agent can share Estate sales consultants, where to take donations and organizers to assist with parting with items close to the heart.

Reflecting on Debbi DiMaggio’s first book, “Contained Beauty” (2012 coffee table book about swimming pools, landscape and architecture), Debbi’s writes, “It was during my daughter’s junior year in high school, when she was busy considering colleges, and my son was becoming more independent with friends, sports and school when things started to change… I felt a void, similar to that, of an empty swimming pool.”

Three years later, Debbi and Adam are continuing to fill this about-to-be empty house by writing a first book together on real estate “best practices” to help people build a happy home and help Realtors to become more successful. Debbi DiMaggio shares, “It's a time in our life where we want to purge and clean house - rid of things we have been hanging on to in order to open up space and freedom to take the next step - free ourselves for our next adventure, the next chapter. It's a time to lighten our load and be ready to go."

Debbi also uses her client services and nurturing passions as a mother to support many children's charities. Her role model is Lady Diana, who also focused on childrens' charities. To give back, Debbi and Adam donated 100% of their book sales profits to two different children's charities in the first two weeks during their book launch events, and will continue this approach for future events. The authors were proud to write checks for $500 to George Mark Children's House and $500 to the East Bay Agency for Children.

As San Francisco Bay Area Realtors and 2 of the 4 founders of Highland Partners, the authors are also proud to share that their company, Highland Partners, was voted Best Real Estate Agency in Oakland Magazine's 2014 Best Of Oakland and the East Bay, California. And in April 2015, Debbi and Adam were awarded the 2014 Emerald Elite Top Team award in the Better Homes and Gardens Mason McDuffie family - a California based company comprised of 28+ offices.