Romain LUCAS, Manager of the LUCAS Maitrise d'oeuvre (Lucas Project Supervision) Firm Joins Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate as a Partner


1406738905PARIS, FRANCE - In the same way as for all his clients, Romain Lucas is committed to providing quality services to Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate members and accompanying them throughout the entire value chain of prestige real estate projects.

Romain Lucas tells us about his reasons for joining the network and his expectations: "Our shared passion for luxury and beautiful things.

Proposing my services to the member agencies to create real added service values and provide continuity to our clients who are buying prestige properties and attach great importance to creating strong impetus and considerable comfort, to ensure that their real estate suits them and corresponds to their lifestyle".

His technical knowledge and his qualification as a French "Building Expert" enable him to take on complex projects.

At the moment, Romain LUCAS' main activities are carried out in Europe for local or foreign clients.

"I am thinking very hard about undertaking high-end development projects in the very near future, in the Los Angeles, New York or Miami areas. The initial projects in these towns will enable me to develop those sectors."

Fields of intervention: development and transformations of apartments, houses and hotels.

"Growing my firm, and widening the range of clients whom I can enable to benefit from my knowledge and skills, over a bigger geographical area. Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate is above all a specialized network that provides opportunities for exchanges, collaboration, and I trust, numerous commissions."

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