Broker Q&A: Chip Hall – Plantation Services, Inc.


1404238830Chip Hall, president of Plantation Services, Inc. in Charleston, South Carolina and Albany, Georgia, attributes his company’s success to experience and knowledge. Learn more about how he got his start in real estate and the path his career has taken since. Chip serves on the Luxury Real Estate Board of Regents, which celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2014.

How did you get your start in real estate? Plantation Services specializes in the sale and management of farms and plantations located in the southeastern United States. The plantation corridor runs from South Carolina through Georgia into north Florida. Our company began in Albany, Georgia in 1959 so this year is our 50th anniversary. My father, Curt Hall, has been with the company almost as long. He remains very active in the business and when it comes to plantations he is a walking encyclopedia. By the late 1970’s Plantation Services was growing and the company was managing more than 30 farm and plantation operations with a very small staff. I had a background in sales and business and was hired in 1978 to help manage quail hunting plantations and sell real estate. In my early years the land market was hot and I thought I was a genius. I have been learning more ever since.

What path has your career taken? In 1994 I became the company president. Four years later we expanded into South Carolina and my family and I moved to open a new office in Charleston. This move doubled our geographic area. The Carolina low country is spectacular and it is wonderful living here. Recently, we have become licensed in Florida so we are looking forward to growing our business there.

Why is your company successful? We are totally focused on the farm and plantation markets and we have a highly competent staff. So our people are our greatest asset. Success with the sale of these type properties requires a lot of experience and knowledge ….knowledge of the land and knowledge of the market. It requires credibility and influential contacts which our personnel have developed through years of experience and hard work. Most of us at Plantation Services have managed our own farm, timber, and hunting properties and have been close to the land throughout our lives. So, when someone buys a plantation from us, they know what they are getting and know we can help them take care of it.

What are your favorite parts of your job? That is an easy question. The favorite parts of my job are meeting people, seeing new properties, and negotiating deals. I enjoy being involved with our marketing and advertising. Another fun thing is taking a neglected or run down property and fixing it up.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? Hunting, fishing, fly tying and in recent years photography. When we travel, I like to look at real estate.

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