Harrods Estates Targets Chinese Buyers with Juwai.com


1402351185SHANGHAI, CHINA – Harrods Estates has targeted what will soon be the largest group of international buyers in London by signing an agency-wide partnership with Juwai.com, the No. 1 Chinese portal for international property.

This announcement comes in the wake of similar recent partnerships between Juwai.com and idealista.com in Spain, Italy and Portugal; RE/MAX in Australia, New Zealand and Portugal and Luxury Portfolio International® in the US and globally.

Under the terms of the new agreement between the two companies, Harrods Estates’ listings will be marketed in Chinese by Juwai.com.

Harrods Estates’ agents will also be able to upgrade their office and agent branding on Juwai.com, as well as their listings. Available upgrades include luxury branding, additional agent profiles, additional translation services, email direct marketing, Chinese-language property brochures, advertorials and Feature Property listings.

Chinese Buyers in London

Chinese investment in London property has increased over 1,500% since 2010 to a new total of more than £1 billion per year. Chinese also buy 27% of new London homes and account for 17% of the total value of all residential property transactions in London. An estimated 60% of purchases are investments, while 40% are for occupation.

No. 1 in China

Juwai.com has been since 2011 the No. 1 website for Chinese who are buying property outside of China. It markets 2.4 million listings in 53 countries to a monthly audience of 1.5 million. 82% of its users are mainland Chinese.

CEO Quotes

Shirley Humphrey, Director of Harrods Estates said:

“There are 643,000 millionaires in China, with 14% more being added to that number each year. Chinese are perhaps the most motivated and numerous wealthy foreign buyers of London real estate.

“Chinese buyers trust the London market and want to be part of this global city for the long term.

“This agreement with Juwai.com will help our agents win more listings and sell more property. This is an investment in the success of our agents and their clients. We want to leave no stone unturned in helping them get the best price for their property.”

Juwai.com Co-CEO Simon Henry said:

“Chinese buyers already know and trust the Harrods brand name, which will make it easier for Harrods Estates to make itself an estate agency of choice for high net worth Chinese seeking property in London’s best neighborhoods.

“Our experience shows that sellers seek out agents who can give them access to Chinese buyers, and that trend will benefit Harrods Estates.

“Chinese are big investors in London residential property, but it is still early days. As more and more Chinese buyers seek out London, Harrods Estates will be well positioned to profit in ways other agents will not.

Juwai.com doesn’t just translate and advertise your listings in Chinese. We help agents build relationships with wealthy Chinese who are otherwise hard to reach.”

About Harrods Estates

Harrods pride themselves on their unrivalled levels of customer service and the same is true at Harrods Estates, the property division of the Harrods Group. Specializing in luxury real estate, Harrods Estates is a full service estate agency operating in prime central London with offices in Mayfair, Knightsbridge and Chelsea. Harrods Estates is international, with clients from around the world, and their relationships with prestigious residential developers gives them one of the finest collections of serviced apartments London estate agents can provide.

From luxury houses and apartments available to purchase and let, to the long standing relations with the luxury residences at One Hans Crescent, Grosvenor House and 199 Knightsbridge Apartments to the more recent developments at The Lansbury, Park House, The Tower and One Hyde Park Harrods Estates do marketing differently. Supplying a unique opportunity to provide bespoke marketing campaigns across the Harrods Group, it’s quite simply, property - the Harrods way. www.harrodsestates.com

About Juwai.com

Juwai.com is the top-ranked international property portal catering to the world’s Chinese-language population. Juwai.com helps Chinese consumers make informed purchase decisions, and real estate agents grow their businesses. The company is headquartered in Shanghai, with additional offices in Hong Kong. For info or to advertise: http://list.juwai.com.