Mike Wrice Joins Surterre Properties®


1370380189A longtime personal trainer who owned his own workout facility in Irvine, Mike Wrice has grown accustomed to the art of customer service over the course of his career. This fact — combined with his long-standing passion for coastal Orange County and his intimate knowledge of all it has to offer — made his recent transition into the field of residential real estate a natural one.

“As a trainer who owned and operated my own gym, I nurtured my passion for helping people out and providing great service while doing so,” he remarked. “Real estate just seemed like the logical next step.”

1370380246Armed with a seasoned understanding of how to guide people through the strategic accomplishment of their major goals, Mike promises even the area’s most discerning clientele a trustworthy resource with which to affiliate. Dedicated to giving each of his clients a rewarding experience, he’s already become one of the industry’s most sought-after newcomers.

As part of Surterre Properties®, Mike has partnered with an organization that supports his efforts in a way no other real estate firm could. Professional marketing initiatives courtesy of an award-winning in-house advertising studio are only the beginning. With a company-wide commitment to unparalleled client service, Surterre holds core philosophies that are harmonious with Mike’s own — and that’s why, together, they promise real estate transactions of incomparable value and ease.

Contact Mike Wrice at 949-205-9797 or mwrice@surterreproperties.com.