World's Most Expensive Island For Sale

Posted by Cheyenne Morrison — September 24, 2006

The most beautiful and expensive island in the world is for sale at $75M United States Dollars, giving you the chance to be Mel Gibson’s neighbor, as he owns Mago Island, just 30km away. Coldwell Banker Morrison’s Private Islands has been given the exclusive listing for Vatu Vara Island, the most expensive island for sale in the world at $75M United States Dollars. This superb freehold tropical island is one of the last four freehold islands to come on to the market in Fiji, and the only ones available in the Lau Group; the most beautiful and pristine area of Fiji. The island is tailor-made for an ultra-private getaway for the A-list celebrity with a need for absolute privacy and a desire for a tropical island getaway; where they could rejuvenate from all the stress and stain of a hectic career, in a 100% paparazzi-free zone. Mel Gibson fell in love with this island when he was exploring Fiji to purchase an island, but at that time the owner adamantly refused to sell, so Gibson bought the adjacent Mago Island. Fiji is like a hide-away trip for celebrities and "mum" is the word as far as the resorts are concerned. A good batch that came in after the Academy Awards last year. Denzel Washington flew straight to Fiji for his vacation. Dick Cheney and his family were in Fiji several months ago. Michelle Pfeiffer, Tom Cruise, Bill Gates, Russel Crowe, Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman, Kelly Brook, Billy Zane, Pierce Brosnan, are just a handful of the celebrities who love Fiji and visit regularly; and of course Mel Gibson regularly visits his own private island of Mago. Britney Spears spent eight days in Fiji on her honeymoon with her dancer husband Kevin Federline at a five-star resort in the Yasawa Group. The couple were accompanied by their bodyguard and flew into the country on a private jet. Tori Spelling married her fiancé Dean McDermott on Wakaya Island, and Kelly Brook declared recently that she wants to marry Billy Zane in Fiji. Seclusion and privacy, are the most precious commodity for a celebrity, which is why Raymond Burr of TV’s Perry Mason and Ironsides fame owned nearby Naitauba Island for many years, and Mel Gibson purchased the neighbouring Mago Island in December 2004. The magnificent island of Vatu Vara is often referred to as “Hat Island” because of it’s unusual shape. The island is reputed by many to be the most beautiful in Fiji. It’s unique topography with limestone cliffs covered in dense tropical jungle and the flat summit is like a cross between Bora Bora and “The Lost World” of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. From the top of it jungle-clad 1,030 foot peak, to the bottom of it’s aquamarine lagoon this is 100% pure tropical paradise. All the cinematic clichés about tropical islands are here for real; and to continue the theme you even get Mel Gibson as a neighbour. He owns Mago island just 30 kilometres to the east. The volcanic and limestone island is nearly 2 miles in diameter at its base, and it’s massive peak dominates the surrounding skyline and is visible from nearby islands such as Kaibu, Yacata, and Vanua Mbalavu. The limestone cliffs souring above the beaches, lending an aura of majesty that few islands in the Fiji in Fiji possess. The closest island in appearance is Monu Riki island in the Mamanucas which was the location for Tom Hank’s in “Cast Away”; but Vatu Vara dwarfs Monu Riki by comparison. It is hard resist hyperbole when describing the island, but the exquisite and cinematic topography of Vatu Vara has even attracted numerous geologists over the years. It is a former atoll, specifically called a “Guyot”. This is an extinct volcano that has become overgrown by coral reefs to form an atoll. The flat top was once at sea level, which is why the summit is flat. The topography of the island is more reminiscent of Krabi in Thailand, Langkawi in Malaysia or the Aru Islands in Irian Jaya. The island is surrounded by several beaches, nestled amidst the towering limestone cliffs, and shaded by graceful coconut palms, where one can lie on the sand as fine and white as castor sugar and gaze out at the sunsets over the massive lagoon which envelops the island in a turquoise embrace. Ownership of Vatu Vara island is free and unencumbered Freehold land, extremely rare in Fiji as only 7% of land is freehold. If every single island in Fiji were counted, the isles of the Fiji archipelago would number in the thousands. However, a mere 322 are judged large enough for human habitation and of these only 106 are inhabited. That leaves a total of 216 uninhabited islands, most of which are prohibitively isolated or lack fresh water. Of these only 43 which are freehold. Vatu Vara is located 60 kilometres South West of Vanua Balavu, 20 kilometres south of Kaibu at Lat: 17° 26'00 S Long: 179° 31'00 W ABOUT BANKER MORRISON’S PRIVATE ISLANDSColdwell Banker Morrison’s Private Islands is the result of a life-long obsession (islomania) with islands by its proprietor Mr. Cheyenne Morrison; a 42 year old Australian. With 180+ islands in dozens of countries, Coldwell Banker Morrison's Private Islands has the largest catalogue of private islands for sale in the world, valued at over $700 million.



Mr. Morrison is listed among "Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate" and has been voted one of the top 3 island brokers in the world by Fortune Forbes, Kiplinger’s and a host other magazines and newspapers.



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