Formation of Slifer Smith & Frampton Real Estate's Latin American Division Demonstrates Commitment to International Clientele


1335199290Vail, Colo. - April 18, 2012 - It is no secret that the relationship between the Vail Valley and Latin America guests runs deep. Guests from the Latin American countries have been a part of the success of the entire Vail Valley throughout its rich history as a ski and travel destination. Though many Latin American families have long called the area their home away from home, it’s only recently that a real estate company has tailored a segment of its efforts specifically to serving the needs of Latin American real estate buyers.

“The Latin American buyer and culture has incredible potential in the real estate market,” says Beatriz Martinez, Director of Slifer Smith & Frampton’s Latin American Division. “Though the Vail Valley has numerous Latin American real estate owners, no one was speaking to potential or existing buyers on their terms or marketing specifically to them. We believe that making the process easier is good for everyone involved.”

A Puerto Rican by birth, Martinez recognized a disconnect in North American real estate sales to this market while working on her MBA in international business at University of Miami in 2002. Immediately after graduation she obtained her real estate license and began using her background and education to formulate a solution to this obvious oversight in the market.

“As a Latina who studied and vacationed in the United States, it was very obvious to me that marketing to Latin Americans in a smarter and more culturally specific way would be successful in the world of real estate. The Latin American clientele is affluent, highly educated and many speak English, though they would prefer to do business in their native tongue,” she said. “It is important that we provide resources and that I work directly with the numerous multi-lingual brokers at Slifer Smith & Frampton who know their culture and understand their needs,” adds Martinez.

The international effort is initially focused on Mexico with ventures into other Latin American countries contemplated soon.

“At Slifer Smith & Frampton, we are partnering with a number of business entities to make the purchase easy for international guests,” said Julie Bergsten, Vice President of Slifer Smith &Frampton Real Estate. “Among our resources are mortgage brokers, local banks, business and tax attorneys and a plethora of internationally born and multi-lingual brokers in the company whom add tremendous context to this business venture.”

Martinez grew up vacationing in Vail and in 2006 met Bergsten. It was apparent to Martinez that Slifer Smith & Frampton was a company with the vision, clout and capital to implement her ideas and strategy. In late 2011, Beatriz Martinez joined Slifer Smith & Frampton Real Estate and began directing the formation of the new Latin American Division.

In its initial phases, the division sought to partner with independent brokers of Latin American descent who are living in Latin America, have clientele consistent with their buyer demographic and that have a relationship with the Vail Valley. Next Slifer Smith & Frampton brought the broker partners to Vail and spent time acquainting them with the neighborhoods, areas and properties that were likely to appeal to their clientele.

“It’s as important that the brokers understand the Vail Valley lifestyle and what it has to offer as it is they that know the properties,” adds Martinez. “Many of our clients have been coming here for years and now recognize that the time in their lives is right to buy or that the pricing is more appealing than it was perhaps a few years ago.”

Brokers in the Latin Division are seeing many second and third generation Latin American guests become buyers.

“They are becoming property owners as their children get to the age that they, as children, began coming to Vail,” Martinez said. ”Not to mention, there is a surge in the purchase of properties by siblings who share time with one another’s families in the Vail Valley.”

“It’s an exciting time to launch the division,” says Martinez. “It’s the culmination of several years of planning and I believe that this market is ripe to aggressively seek international buyers. The fact that I can do so with the Vail Valley’s most respected real estate company enhances our efforts.”

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