Zephyr Real Estates Raises Funds for Haiti Relief

San Francisco, CA – February 12, 2010 – In response to January’s devastating earthquake in Haiti, Zephyr Real Estate recently raised thousands of dollars through agent contributions and matching funds from Zephyr management for the Haiti relief effort.

The 7.0 quake struck on January 12, leaving an estimated 200,000 casualties and massive destruction. Lack of food, clean water, medical care and the spread of disease may push the death toll even higher. The impoverished country has few resources, so many agencies, organizations and individual volunteers are on the scene with food, medical supplies and clothing as the recovery struggles to rescue, treat and feed the survivors. Haiti continues to be plagued with aftershocks, with at least 52 measuring 4.5 or greater since January 12.

Zephyr agents were encouraged to donate generously to their preferred relief organization with matching contributions from the company. The largest recipients were W.J. Clinton Foundation, Foundation for Mercy and Sharing, American Red Cross and the U.S. Fund for UNICEF. Other organizations receiving donations included Doctors without Borders, Maison de Naissance, OXFAM America, Catholic Relief Services, International Rescue Committee, and MADRE.

“Even in San Francisco, we can become complacent about earthquakes and the resulting calamities, but a disaster of this magnitude makes us all realize how important it is to step up quickly and generously,” stated Randall Kostick, Chief Operating Officer for Zephyr. “Our team rose, and continues to rise, to the challenge to offer support to Haiti.”

In the two weeks following the earthquake, 40 charities received more than half a billion dollars in donations to support the relief efforts in Haiti, according to Charity Navigator, an organization established to help identify legitimate charitable institutions. Individuals, mega-corporations, and local businesses like Zephyr Real Estate can unite in a humanitarian effort to make a difference.

About Zephyr Real Estate

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