High-Tech Marketing Solutions for Real Estate Professionals

Posted by — October 2, 2005

By John Brian LoshAccording to the National Association of Realtors, real estate professionals are becoming increasingly technology-savvy with each passing year. A recent NAR technology impact survey found that 97 percent of all Realtors own a personal computer; 95 percent own a mobile phone; 77 percent own a digital camera; and 40 percent own a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA).

With technology evolving at a lightning pace, many Realtors view staying abreast of the latest trends as a daunting task. But by reading industry resources, such as Realty Times, you can learn about the latest high-tech tools and services with a minimal time commitment. What's more, by implementing some of these tools and services, you'll see more clients, repeat business and increased referrals.

Here's a preview of some of the latest high-tech marketing solutions on the horizon, which will increasingly affect the way Realtors do business.

Short Messaging Service Short Messaging Service (SMS) is a wireless messaging service that permits the transmission of a short text message to a digital wireless terminal, such as a mobile phone. With SMS, clients can access a Realtors' listings with the touch of a few buttons. For example, if a client sees a home he or she likes on a Realtors' website, the client can click on a "send me this listing" button and receive the listing information on a mobile phone. Or a Realtor can include a unique property ID number on a for-sale sign, enabling passersby with SMS-compatible phones to have the listing information sent to them.

Added bonus: SMS messages can be up to 160 characters long, and Realtors can customize the messages to include a property's price, number of beds and baths, square footage and so on.

Brochure GeneratorInstead of paying for a brochure to be created for every listing, Realtors can create their own marketing materials for a fraction of the cost. A Brochure Generator program enables Realtors to create marketing materials, such as brochures and postcards, by choosing from and customizing one of a variety of templates. Realtors can then print the brochure themselves or have the printing done by a professional printing service.

Added bonus: The final brochure can be e-mailed, too.

Targeted Websites Websites are becoming more affordable, as well as easier to update and maintain. Realtors who have a website professionally designed are usually given the ability to manage a host of administrative functions on their own, such as adding or deleting listings and updating personal information. As a result, more Realtors are having personal websites created, which focus on their individual services and are distinct from their company's website.

Added bonus: The trend toward smaller, more affordable websites also means Realtors are increasingly creating websites for individual properties with unique web addresses, which can then be used as the foundation of an innovative marketing program.

Search Engine OptimizationA website doesn't do a Realtor any good if no one can find it. Realtors with websites that don't appear on Google, Yahoo!, MSN and other major search engines are missing out on a golden opportunity to reach potential clients. Every day, thousands of Internet searches are performed by those seeking information about real estate. By investing in a periodic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service by a professional, Realtors can optimize their website for searches relevant to their specific geographic market through the use of key words and other techniques.

Added bonus: Research shows that Search Engine Optimization significantly increases not just the amount of traffic, but the amount of highly targeted traffic to a website.

Lead TrackingThis is a tool that makes managing Internet leads faster, easier and more efficient by storing them in one place where multiple agents can access them. If a potential client is interested in a listing and requests more information through your Web site, the client's contact information is automatically recorded and stored. The managing broker is instantly notified about the client's request, and an agent can be notified as well. If a potential client inquires about more than one listing, the client is routed back to the same agent that he or she worked with before. If an agent doesn't respond to the request in a timely manner, an alert e-mail is sent to the managing broker so he or she knows which leads are being followed up on and which are not.

Added bonus: Set-up, including how agents are assigned and user permissions, is extremely flexible, making it easy to customize the program to your business. For information about how LuxuryRealEstate.com can provide you with these high-tech marketing solutions, visit LuxuryRealEstate.com/products.

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