Personalize Your Shower with the Latest Showerhead Styles

Posted by — August 7, 2005

Ahh, the shower. It can wake you up, soothe your senses or relax your body -- and it starts the minute you step into the water. But, do you prefer a powerful spray, a gentle rainshower or a pulsating massage? With so many options to choose from, today’s showers do more than get you clean.

"It's about physical well-being and a pleasant experience," says Gary Pember, director of wholesale marketing for Moen Incorporated. “Personalizing your shower to meet your needs will give you that experience every time. Being good to yourself is a great reason to customize your shower. It can make getting clean fun and relaxing.”

But not all showers are the same. Learn more about today’s showering options, from showerheads to body sprays to temperature controls, and transform your shower into the shower of your dreams.

Fixed Showerheads The most popular of all showerheads, fixed showerheads are attached to a shower stall wall or ceiling. Hundreds of new designs give you the option to create a luxurious, spa-like feel or a contemporary look. The benefit of these showerheads is that many can be adjusted for different types of water delivery to suit any mood. Plus, many homeowners are adding two fixed showerheads -- creating a shower built for two -- or a shower that can provide great front and back coverage. "An intense pulsing spray is what people usually look for when shopping for a fixed showerhead," says Gene Groff, showroom manager of Edelman Plumbing Supply, Inc., a wholesale kitchen and bath design center in Cleveland. "The massage function is great for stress relief, but a good showerhead also offers a wide, even spray pattern for washing and rinsing off." Rainshowers In the fastest growing category of showers, these unique showerheads feature an enlarged spray face and simulate the look and feel of a natural rainfall for a gentle, soothing experience. Since most rainshower showerheads are gravity-fed, they can have a “drooping” water pattern, similar to a watering can. Often they don’t provide enough water pressure to wash the shampoo from your hair or the shower gel from your back. But new Immersion technology, such as that provided by ShowHouse by Moen, has changed all that -- providing a more powerful, rain-drenching experience. A patented, self-pressurizing channel system in the ShowHouse Rainshower showerheads provides a stronger flow of water to the user for bathing and relaxing. Best of all, these new luxury rainshower showerheads are available in a variety of styles -- from contemporary to traditional -- and in a range of finishes that suit many bath décors. Handheld Showers Many consumers will supplement their tub or fixed showerhead with a handheld shower. Often, these hose-mounted handheld showers are attached to a holder that can be adjusted up or down on a wall-mounted bar. This height adjustment capability, combined with the shower’s handheld operation, makes this setup suitable for anyone. “You can shower without getting your hair wet or detach the showerhead from the holder to wash your child’s hair, bathe the dog and even rinse the far corners of your tub. Most importantly, a handheld shower provides a safer showering experience for the elderly or disabled, who may need to sit while showering,” adds Pember. Vertical Spas Imagine enveloping yourself in water from every angle and you can begin to see the appeal of a vertical spa. This shower offers a combination of a fixed shower head, adjustable body jets and even a handheld shower. The body jets can be aimed in any direction, so the water flow isn’t just falling from above. In addition, the water can be directed all over you, making it easier to rinse soap and shampoo while creating a truly invigorating full-body experience. Control Your Personal Experience After identifying your ideal showerhead style, there are other ways to tailor your shower to meet your needs. Many showers are available with pressure-balanced thermostatic valves that allow you to set your own personalized water temperature. Moen’s ExactTemp valve maintains a pre-set temperature, even as water volume in the hot water tank decreases. Plus, it’s pressure-balanced so you’ll never again experience a sudden surge in hot or cold water. Additional valve systems can maintain temperatures within plus or minus two degrees F, so the shower temperature is consistent, comfortable and safe. There are also special temperature limit stops in some shower systems that prevent children from turning the handle to full hot. As you evaluate the showering products offered today, consider the space you have available and the needs of those who will use the bathroom. Include the basics and add some luxurious extras if space and budget allow. After all, a shower should envelop you in soothing water away from the rest of the world -- refreshing your body and relaxing your mind. Make yours the shower of your dreams. --ARAFor information about this article, e-mail

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