Truly Telluride Celebrates the Unique Spirit & Attraction of Telluride


Just how much ink can a toy town like Telluride absorb? Answer: bring it on. Each of the publications, both traditional and online about life in the region, open a slightly different door into our community. The newest addition to the print parade, published as a glossy and online by Telluride Properties, is “Truly Telluride &,” “Truly Telluride” began its life as mere 20 pages of properties for sale, but has evolved into an eye-popping 50-page up close and personal look at Telluride’s people, its cutting edge institutions and initiatives, and its exceptional properties: who and what constitutes Shangri-La.

The lead story from this Winter’s issue, “Full-Time Change Makers, Part-Time Telluriders,” was written by Susan Viebrock, formerly of the Daily Planet, now of the blogozine, “Telluride Inside…and Out.”

The first of the part-time series is about Ambassador Richard Holbrooke.

In his profile, the statesman/businessman – he is on Obama’s team of foreign policy advisors –– talks candidly about how he came to town, why Telluride is his “sanctuary” and the need to protect the “brand.”

Entrepreneur/philanthropist Edward Barlow has been a senior partner at Whitney Communications Company since 1968. A founding donor of the Telluride Foundation in 2000, Barlow zeros in on opportunities and issues for the New Year.

“Serving on the Foundation with co-chairs Ron Allred and Mark Dalton and executive director Paul Major, I have gotten back a lot more than I have given,” Barlow explains.

Bonnie Cohen, former Undersecretary of State for Management under Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, completes the trio of profiles. Although she is no longer in government service, Cohen is extremely active in the non-profit sectors, focusing on education and cultural preservation initiatives such as the Global Heritage Fund. Her summer job is hiking in the mountains.

Serendipity or kismet brought all three superstars to town. What keeps them here is what keeps everyone here: a lifestyle that includes mountain adventures, a strong sense of community, a vibrant cultural economy, and out of the box thinking inside our box canyon.

Which leads to the next feature.

“Alternative Futures for Telluride: The Telluride Foundation’s Unique Study,” written by Telluride Properties’ marketing director Wendy McKeever, provides an overview of the landmark study modeling what the region will look like in 20 years, so Telluride can make informed decisions about its future.

“Through the Eyes of Local Builders” by Gabby Anstey McDonald, examines local building trends such as eco-construction and smaller spaces straight from the horse’s mouth of deLuca Construction, Steeprock Builders, & Evans Construction.

Telluride Properties was founded by the late Steve Butts, who tragically passed away during an avalanche while skiing in Canada in 2005. While living in Aspen 20+ years ago, Butts dreamed of introducing his friends to quirky Telluride, a little mountain town with big potential.

What turned on Butts two decades ago still turns on his broker buddies, who continue to carry his torch into a new era of Telluride real estate.

“Truly Telluride” is part of Telluride Properties marketing plan, one more mirror that reflects the dream.