David Friedman, Cofounder of WealthQuotient Announced as a Keynote Speaker for the Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate 26th Annual Fall Conference in Park City, UT


1684340205SEATTLE, WA USA – Who's Who in Luxury Real Estate is excited to announce Cofounder of WealthQuotient, David Friedman as the Keynote speaker for the 26th Annual Fall Conference in Park City, UT on September 17-20, 2023. WealthQuotient, an educational program, offers LRE® members access to the WealthQuotient Certification, coaching and high-net-worth prospecting knowledge base. 

David Friedman is a serial entrepreneur and pioneer in the wealth intelligence and data space, he is considered one of the world’s leading experts and authority on the global ultra-affluent and high net worth market. Mr. Friedman Co-Founded Wealth-X, the world’s only global ultra-affluent data and intelligence platform, where he and his co-founder successfully sold a majority stake to Insight Venture Partners ($20B NYC based private equity fund). Wealth-X’s clients included the top global brands in finance, luxury and non-profits.  Mr. Friedman founded WealthQuotient to offer the top global brands a proactive, systematic and measurable data-driven referral-based methodology and framework.  The Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate Collaboration represents the opportunity for qualified agents to access the same coaching and content used by the sales organizations at the most notable brands in luxury, financial services and non-profits.1684340353   

Mr. Friedman is a noted and sought-after speaker on trends impacting the ultra-affluent along with strategies for accessing and engaging with them. His history of working in the world of luxury has provided a worthwhile collaboration between Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate and WealthQuotient. WealthQuotient has proven to be a vital asset for agents in the business of selling luxury properties and Mr. Friedman’s expertise will be reflected in his talk at the upcoming Fall Conference.    

The 26th Annual Fall Conference will take place from September 17th-20th at the Stein Eriksen Lodge in Deer Valley, UT USA.  

For more information, please visit LuxuryRealEstate.com/ParkCity 

To learn more about David Friedman and WealthQuotient, please visit www.mywealthq.com  

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