Chase International Welcomes More Agents to Northern California and Nevada Offices


1680287891RENO, NV USA - Chase International recently welcomed three more Realtors to its luxury real estate firm. Travis Adlington joined the team in Reno, Nevada.  Melissa Karovan works through the agency’s South Lake Tahoe, California office, and Lauri Taylor is part of the team in the Carson Valley/Minden, Nevada office.

From the years as a private business owner and unyielding community volunteer, Travis Adlington has always approached each day with a devoted lifeforce dedicated to serving all walks of life.1680288179

He and his wife, Cheryl, owned Adlington Eye Care in Incline Village, Nevada for over 30 years. As a real estate team today, they share their business savvy and personal homeowner experience to help their clients make the best decisions for their future home or property investments. 

“My clients’ experiences are of the utmost importance,” said Adlington. “Similar to my previous Optometry career, I assess the circumstances, research the options and suggest the most suitable solutions.”  

When his clients’ needs are achieved, the Adlingtons live an adventurous life in the great outdoors and always find time to advocate for the elderly, homeless and animal rescue programs. Living by the Golden Rule with God’s core values intact, Adlington can be contacted through Chase International’s Reno, Nevada office.

1680287960From the moment Melissa Stefani exceeded her expectations with investing in real estate, she knew her career as a Realtor was her calling.  So much so she started the Lake Tahoe Bigger Pockets Investor Meetup Group to share her experience.  Today, it is one of the region’s more popular networking groups for Realtors, lenders, and investors.

In addition to her former career in accounting and bookkeeping, Stefani gains insightful information through this community group to help her clients achieve their real estate aspirations.

“I know what questions to ask to dig deep and determine my clients’ needs. With this personal connection, I can determine the best fit for their future,” said Stefani.  

Due to several setbacks in her life, she has gained the confidence and composure to conquer any challenge that may come her way. She touts trust and transparency as the keys to her success.

 Living a full life, Stefani balances work with pleasure through Chase International’s South Lake Tahoe, California office.  

As a neuromuscular massage therapist for an extensive time in her life, Lauri Taylor continues to be a problem-solver who combines her highly trained skills to assess her clients’ needs and deliver precise results.1680288006

Much like her medical assessments which require laser-sharp listening skills, Taylor extends the identical level of care and communication to her real estate clients through Chase International’s Carson Valley office in Minden, Nevada.

“I not only listen to what my clients say, I hear their needs and will continue on the vision of their desires until their goals are accomplished,” said Taylor. 

Her ability to appraise each situation with a clear and open mind is magnified by her former experience as a police dispatcher. During this time in her life, she developed the skills to think unconventionally and confidently in control no matter how difficult the situation may be.  

Taylor credits her perseverance to her parents who instilled the attribute which she uses throughout her professional and personal life.