Real Estate Webmasters Lands a Win in the 2023 MUSE Creative Awards, On Work Developed for Who's Who in Luxury Real Estate Members


1678737102NANAIMO, BC CANADA - The MUSE Creative and Design Awards have released their lists of winners for their first competitive season of 2023. Hosted by the International Awards Associate (IAA), the competitions had received over 6,300 entries from 15 countries, proving themselves to be leading award programs that honor creative and design professionals.

For the first 2023 competitive season, Real Estate Webmasters landed the Gold in the Real Estate Website category. The work that delivered this decisive victory was created in partnership with (Who's Who in Luxury Real Estate) as an exclusive offer for LRE® members. 

This is REW’s 7th MUSE Creative Award won over the past 2 years. Building on the recognition and success of previous years, Amy Pye, Real Estate Webmasters’ Head of Marketing, had this to say about the award:

Winning this award speaks to the hard work, dedication, and creativity that we poured into this project. To be recognized by experts in our industry validates that we created a top notch luxury website for LRE® members. I'm personally very proud of how this website turned out and of the dedication shown by the REW team.” 1678738366

The MUSE Awards is composed of a series of competitions which are organized to honor excellence from various fields. IAA ensures that these competitions are accessible and fair, in order to guarantee recognition only goes to those who truly deserve the accolade.

The industries have gone through significant changes through the years, yet to have these entrants showcase their ability to adapt and overcome, it is certainly surprising and encouraging to our team in IAA,” Thomas Brandt, spokesperson of IAA elaborated. He continued, “it is humbling to see the level of craft displayed in the submitted works. Our most sincere commendations go out to those behind said works and for setting such a high standard for excellence for all to follow.”1678738416

With a jury composed of over 50 industry professionals, IAA was successful in upholding impartiality and enforcing industry-relevant assessment criteria. The jury’s role was solely to identify companies or individuals whose works showcased excellence and pushed their respective industries forward, which they had successfully accomplished.

Other than employing industry-relevant standards in judging entries, impartiality was also enforced with the blind judging method. This meant that entries were evaluated by multiple judges without being compared with other submissions, meaning that each winning work had decisively won with their own merits.

John-Mark Mitchell, Founder and CEO of Mitchell Prime Properties, had this to say about his new REW+LUX website:

"Image marketing and professional branding are essential in the luxury real estate world. Partnering with organizations such as LRE and Real Estate Webmasters (REW) has proven to be extremely beneficial to our entire Company and all of our Brokers. We are impressed by the team's dedication and support in building an amazing website."

For more information about our partnership with, and how being a LRE® member can benefit you, see our website

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