Steve Prendergast of First Team Real Estate Guides Small Business Owner and DACA Recipient to Homeownership

First Team Real Estate SEAL BEACH, CA - Small business owner and DACA recipient Rubi Martinez was referred to First Team Real Estate agent Steve Prendergast two years ago from a past client when she decided to begin her home buying journey. Moving from Mexico to California as a teenager, she learned all about hard work and the construction business from her father who was a contractor, and mother who cleaned homes. Small business owner and DACA recipient Rubi Martinez with First Team Real Estate agent Steve Prendergast

After working closely with her brother and father for years, Rubi got her own contractor’s license and began building a thriving business of her own, supporting herself and her two-year old daughter. She knew the importance of starting early when it came to achieving her goal of homeownership, so the first thing Steve did was get her in contact with a trusted lender. 

“I connected Rubi with a lender I’ve used with many other clients and transactions. Mortgage lenders require two years of very detailed financial documentation so he helped her get organized first and foremost,” shares Steve. “She was the easiest, most amazing client I ever worked with because I told her what she needed to do and she just did it. How much money to save, how to work with a CPA. She personally put in the work and was on it.”

Rubi Martinez's adorable two year old daughter.After a year and a half of preparation work, the hunt for a new home began in early summer, 2021. Despite the tough market, Steve was able to secure the ideal property for Rubi thanks to his local connections and an impeccable offer. Placing her in the best possible position with a lender ready to close in 21 days, a short list of contingencies, and an amazing story to share with the seller to help them connect, Steve and his team were able to seal the deal. 

“Down to the final hours of escrow we were all working through glitches and loan logistics, but at the end of the day we made it happen. It was a team effort all around,” says Steve. “It was the most impactful – and emotional – key ceremony I’ve ever been a part of. She’s been through so much adversity and she came out on top.”

The three-bedroom, one-bath home in Los Angeles was a big-time fixer upper, but with Rubi’s skill set, it was the perfect fit. “She can fix absolutely anything, so day one she went to work gutting everything to make it her dream home,” shares Steve. “And her daughter couldn’t be happier with her new room!”’ 

“Working with Ruby reinforced my faith in the system that we have in place. If you work hard, you’re able to achieve your dreams. And most importantly, if you’re working with the right people, you can make it happen.” 

For more information on Steve’s comprehensive real estate services, visit or contact him directly at (310) 686-9500.