Resources Real Estate Joins the NAR in Support of LGBT Inclusion in Fair Housing Act


Resources Real Estate BrokerSHREWSBURY, NJ - Resources Real Estate has joined with the National Association of Realtors (NAR) in support of legislation being introduced in both chambers of Congress, that will extend protection to the LGBT community in the Fair Housing Act.

“These protections are long overdue at the national level,” said Thomas McCormack, Resources Real Estate Senior Partner and Broker-of-Record. “Frankly, it is surprising that they are still not part of Federal law.”

The NAR has been working for over a decade to ensure that nobody in the LGBT community is denied housing solely based on their sexual identity. In 2011, the NAR amended its Code of Ethics to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and then on gender identity in 2013. Hoping to have this bill passed last year with support of both the NAR and NJ Legislation, Congress adjourned before the bill could come up for a vote.

“New Jersey has been way ahead of the curve on this issue,” said McCormack. “Protections based on sexual orientation, domestic partnership and civil union status as well as gender identity or expression have been part of the State Attorney General’s notice on housing discrimination for many years. All agents are required to provide this notice to home sellers and landlords when listing a property and we hope these protections will soon be available to all nationwide.”

The current bill, called the Equality Bill, includes housing protections of the Fair and Equal Housing Act, and will also extend protection to the LGBT community in other areas such as employment, credit markets, public accommodations and voting.

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