Stribling & Associates Ashley Murphy Contributes Article to Forbes, Tech Can Wait: Hearts and Minds Still Matter in Brand Communications'


Stribling & Associates logoNEW YORK CITY, NY - Ashley Murphy, the director of public relations for Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate member Stribling & Associates, recently wrote an article featured in Forbes titled, ‘Tech Can Wait: Hearts and Minds Still Matter in Brand Communications.’

It starts out by stating:

Technology is increasingly shaping the way people do business with the purpose of making things simpler for the end user. Thanks to “startup” and “tech culture” dominating the headlines, nearly every industry is now navigating this pervasive “adapt or die” mentality.

But the way I see it, all this hype is fearmongering to some extent; tech is only part of a much larger consumer experience. In fact, a recent study found that 55% of customers “prefer speaking with human customer service agents.”

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