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Naples, Fl Beachfront Activity Accelerating!

Aug 13, 2009 — Shaun Dalton, Gulf Coast International Properties

By now most have heard of the improvements in the statistics of real estate sales in many areas of the country. Naples, FL is no exception. With the areas of Port Royal and the Beach deemed possibly the most prestigious and desired real estate in the world, affluent buyer's are taking advantage of these opportunistic times and acquiring these hard assets that their entire family can utilize to enjoy a higher quality of life. 

Branding & Marketing Strategy

Oct 16, 2008 — Shaun Dalton, Gulf Coast International Properties

During our fantastic breakout sessions in Philly this past weekend, one well executed session (just kidding guys I know there were technical dificulties) I attended was the marketing shop put on by Daniel Gale and a few other well informative professionals! I know alot of you were there as well because the room was packed!!! A few pieces past around there were personal newspapers. I just don't remember anyone giving away their prefered method of production for such pieces. I am currently in the process of producing my own 12 page newspaper and have already secured the zip codes I want in my area. I had this idea after offering to give my local paper, FREE statistical market data for the luxury home market place here in Naples FL, and to my surprise they were'nt interested. Proof that they only like to highlight the doom and gloom! I guess the fact that pending sales have been up in the Naples area in previous months some 40% over 2007 does'nt matter, only that the credit crisis is going to be the end of us all! I've had it with them so I'm publishing my own. I figured some of you may be interested in this as well as the media only likes to brag about the positive when there is no more negative news to carry on about! The company I'm using specifically designs publishes and strategically mails these POSITIVELY INFLUENCED (real estate) news papers for you and you can sell some add space to offset the cost that honestly doesn't cost much more than a large postcard to begin with!!

Naples, FL Market Update

Aug 07, 2008 — Shaun Dalton, Gulf Coast International Properties

Whenever I get a chance I really enjoy bragging about my community. I've grown up here and have seen first hand how our little town has been influenced by wealth and become a premier destination for the affluent! In a snapshot we have seen our real estate market rebound significantly. For example April 08' pending sales were up 30% over 2007 May 08' were up 37% over 2007 and June 08' was up about 40% over 2007 Not to mention, just to show how strong our most prestigious market is, (from $5M to $40M) we've seen practically no negative adjustment in property values. The affluent have continued buying high valued real estate here despite the economic downturn! Our upper tier market place or top 10% of our market consists of real estate that has sold in excess of $1,475,000.00

My introduction!!

Aug 07, 2008 — Shaun Dalton, Gulf Coast International Properties

Hi everyone, I have to say that I think the luxury lounge is such a great addition to the benefits of LRE, and what an easy way for us to network. I've only been with LRE since the beginning of this year and have not yet had the opportunity to attend one of the conferences, although I'm getting excited to get up to Philly in Oct. to find out what they are all about! Please feel free to visit my website
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