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Thoughts on the Internet....

Sep 27, 2013 — Liane ("Li") Read, Sea to Sky Real Estate

The internet is both the yin and the yang of marketing...a pleasure and a problem.   As the current Chamber of Commerce president, in my secondary home/resort based area, I've been pondering the issues of small business enterprises in a seasonal marketplace.  It's true that the internet, in erasing time and geography, did open up an area to a national/international presence, and not just strictly "local".   The other side of that is that if you can buy an item on the internet, from Paris, that is less expensive and with more choice than a similar item in the town you live, then how will that business survive?

Sip & Savour harvest event on Salt Spring Island...time to visit!

Sep 21, 2013 — Liane ("Li") Read, Sea to Sky Real Estate

Live in the Pacific Northwest Coast? A short plane ride away? Be on special Salt Spring Island on September 27, 28,'s the annual Chamber sponsored Sip & Savour event...a fundraiser for Salt Spring's agricultural community. Friday evening, the 27th, several of our award winning restaurants are showcasing either a winemakers dinner event or a Sip & Savour inspired menu.   We truly are lucky here with the fineness of our restaurants...just ask anyone who has visited this Island.

Back to Summer weather in this September moment!

Sep 10, 2013 — Liane ("Li") Read, Sea to Sky Real Estate

A wow weather pattern is gifting the Paciffic Northwest Coast with a late summer burst...supposed to be 27C today and up to 30C tomorrow.   I'm in!   We don't experience what I call "real Winter" in this thin strip of coastal beauty.   Our winter is really like a long late Fall or a very early Spring, depending on your point of view.   It doesn't rain as much as everyone thinks, either, but it can be high cloud and a general "grey", between November and February.  

Fall...fairs, fun, and an emerging market.

Sep 09, 2013 — Liane ("Li") Read, Sea to Sky Real Estate

The Pacific Northwest Coast, outside of the major cities of Seattle, Vancouver, and Victoria, is made up of many secondary home/retirement/resource based communities.   September is a time of Fall Fairs, Farmers Markets, Wine & Food Pairing Events, and other Harvest related fun.  The uptick in sales volume in other North American venues is always slow to hit the Canadian Coast.    I find that Florida and California often foretell our market trends, whether up or down, but it just takes us a good 4 to 6 months to follow.   I think that's called being the "tail of the dog"?   Last down/last up?  

Labour Day Weekend does signal a seasonal shift!

Aug 31, 2013 — Liane ("Li") Read, Sea to Sky Real Estate

I know the calendar still says Summer, but I think for most of us on the great Pacific Northwest Coast, we would see the Labour Day Weekend as the recognition of Fall. The first part of September can be great, same sunny days as enjoyed in August, same great boating options in the Gulf Islands/San Juan Islands, but it does get darker earlier, and there can be fog slithering about in the mornings.  

Coming soon...spectacular oceanview acreages, on Salt Spring Island

Aug 28, 2013 — Liane ("Li") Read, Sea to Sky Real Estate

Check it out...SKYWATER is the name of this soon to be on the market offering.   From six to 78 acres, many with exceptional panoramic ocean/islands/mountain views, some more pastoral (ranch style pasotoral opportunities), and all with terrific all day/year round sun exposures (e/s/w/n)...mainly level land, with seasonal creeks, spring-fed ponds...truly, it's exceptional land.   It just happens to be on Salt Spring Island, the jewel of the Canadian Gulf Islands.

Private Island choices in the B.C. Pacific Northwest Coast region....

Aug 27, 2013 — Liane ("Li") Read, Sea to Sky Real Estate

Private islands offer privacy without isolation, in many of the Pacific Northwest Coast areas.   In the  heart of the best protected boating waters in the world, and close to major centres or vibrant communities, these islands allow you to be yourself without feeling that you are too far away from needed amenities.

Visit Salt Spring Island, for Sip & Savour...

Aug 26, 2013 — Liane ("Li") Read, Sea to Sky Real Estate

Mark your calendars, and turn up in this delectable month of September, in the Canadian Gulf Islands.  In the heart of the best protected boating waters in the world, you will find a late Summer ambiance on Salt Spring Island! Farm Tours on Sept 1st (the 10K diet is alive and well on Salt Spring Island), the amazing Fall Fair weekend is on Sept 14/15, and on Sept 27/28 it's the fantastic Sip & Savour event.   35 wineries are taking part, including the three award winning vineyards on Salt Spring Island. 

Luxury market rebounding?

Aug 22, 2013 — Liane ("Li") Read, Sea to Sky Real Estate

Rumours from U.S. venues and from Europe seem to be showcasing an uptick in sales for the luxury market.   Good news, indeed, for all secondary home/discretionary regions.   In my area, the bellweather area is the Whistler does draw on a mainly non-local and international buyer profile.   What happens in Whistler is often then discovered, a couple of months later, in the Canadian Gulf Islands, on the Sunshine Coast, and on Vancouver Island's communities (outside of core Victoria).   Always glad, then, to read the stats from Florida, Cape Cod area, Arizona, Southern California, plus the seasonal ski regions...when these stellar options show uptick, I know it's coming my way.   More info about the Canadian Gulf Islands and Salt Spring Island?   Call me!

Vineyards, olive groves, orchards on Salt Spring Island!

Aug 20, 2013 — Liane ("Li") Read, Sea to Sky Real Estate

This micro-climate, known as cool Mediterranean, is a wonderful part of the Salt Spring Island and Southern Canadian Gulf Islands region. September is a harvest moment, with lots of events to entice a visit...the famed Saturday Market is still underway, farmers markets on Tuesday and Wednesday continue, the Fall Fair is a happening two day event, and the acclaimed Sip & Savour annual winetasting and locavore presentation is on the 27th / 28th.  It also rolls into the annual Apple Fest.
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