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In An Industry Faced With Constant Change Some Real Estate Truths Remain

Dec 09, 2015 — Jay Gulick, Kentucky Select Properties

When I got my real estate license nearly 22 years ago the MLS came out once a week in a telephone-sized book, there were a handful of personal computers in our office and the only thing smart about my immobile phone was that it had buttons instead of a rotary dial. When I tell our new twenty-something real estate agents things like this they look at me with the same incredulous expression one might expect if you tried to explain other historical oddities from the B.Z. Era (Before Zillow), such as printed street maps or having to amortize a loan using a calculator.

Brand Experience Checklist For Brokers!

Nov 30, 2015 — Jay Gulick, Kentucky Select Properties

One thing I can’t emphasize enough with Kentucky Select agents is that almost everything we do in our real estate role has the potential to affect people’s perceptions of our brand, both as a company and as individual agents. Getting into a brand management mindset requires first understanding all the different ways in which you interact with key stakeholders at different points in a real estate transaction. I think checklists are a great way to make sure you’re aware of and addressing all the potential ways your brand may be experienced.

The Best Real Estate Companies Embrace Agent and Broker Brands

Nov 18, 2015 — Jay Gulick, Kentucky Select Properties

One thing that constantly amazes me is when I hear or read about the leaders of real estate firms downplaying the importance of the company/broker brand. The primary implication being that only the individual agent brand really matters. That branding is best left to the folks in the marketing department or, heaven forbid, that the “brand” is some ineffable concept that has no relationship to creating real business value like driving unit and volume growth.

PODCAST: KY Select Broker and Regents Member John Stough Talks Luxury Homes

Aug 12, 2015 — Jay Gulick, Kentucky Select Properties

AUGUST 12, 2015 LOUISVILLE, KY Engaging and informative podcast in which John discusses some of the things he's learned during his 36 year career helping clients buy and sell luxury property. Listen now.
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