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LinkedIn makes social networking a snap

May 01, 2008

By Joey Pauley As many of you know, I was on the Technology Panel at the 6th Annual Luxury Real Estate Spring Retreat. One of the websites we talked about was the social-networking site LinkedIn of which I and many of our colleagues are members of. Here is my profile:

Life lessons from Ben Stein’s new movie “Expelled”

Apr 30, 2008

By Robert Lockard On Saturday, April 25, 2008, my younger brother and I decided to make a rare visit to our local movie theater to watch a film we both felt a great desire to see. That movie was “Expelled,” a documentary starring and co-written by the great actor and economist Ben Stein. In addition to starring in this movie, Mr. Stein actually had some incredible insights that he shared on the current luxury real estate market at the 6th Annual Luxury Real Estate Spring Retreat in San Diego two weeks ago. He is an incredibly brilliant man in a variety of fields.

Exploring fractional…

Apr 30, 2008

By Scott Rudolph Piers Brown, the founder of, is moving into his second day hosting one of the largest and most diverse fractional ownership and asset-sharing exhibitions in the world. This event caters to the growing number of people who want to enjoy a lifestyle of luxury items and experiences - without the ties, responsibilities and capital outlay of a complete purchase.

Lunar Luxury Real Estate?

Apr 28, 2008

By Michael Edlund The view is out of this world.” I overheard this comment at an open house during our recent Luxury Real Estate Spring Retreat in San Diego. We visited an amazing property on top of a hill with vast spectacular views over a beautiful landscape. Spectacular, but still of this world. No matter how crazy, ridiculous and out of touch with reality it seems today, there might actually be a day when we buy and sell property elsewhere in the solar system.

The toughest sheriff in the nation meets with Arizona Best Real Estate

Apr 25, 2008

By Colleen M. Olson Real Estate Consultant Here is the picture of Sheriff Joe and David MacIntyre. Sheriff Joe is a good friend of David’s, he comes every year to speak to our office. He updates us on the different programs he has implemented and what still needs to be done. You can go on to get all the information and his bio.

Caribbean real estate: Belize is one of THE top hotspots!

Apr 24, 2008

By Jim Walberg From his blog: Caribbean real estate: Belize is One of THE Top Hotspots! South Beach – Belize is perfectly positioned for the explosion happening with European investors in the Caribbean! Article By Poyel Nelson: The headline on the International Living Magazine in December 2007 is straightforward: Belize: Buy Before the Europeans! (Remember my last posting about South Beach – Belize?) Amongst the financial crises triggered by the real-estate market woes in the United States, caution is advisable over such a bullish statement. So, what are the reasons for such a headline?

Nice shot! Annual Spring Retreat a raving success and my AH HA moment

Apr 24, 2008

By Staci Colville I wanted to write today first about the buzz of our Spring Retreat in San Diego and, second, about a breakout session that was a true Oprah AH HA moment for me. First, the conference. WOW… what a great success! As a Account Manager and a first-time conference attendee, I was most excited to get to meet our wonderful members face to face, hear about your markets, brainstorm and see what I can do to help. My expectations were surpassed and I must say I am still having post-conference blues. What a wonderful way to start my day to see all your smiling and energetic faces, willing to share and learn and laugh. It was truly one of the top 5 events of my life.

Positive feedback from Spring Retreat sponsor in Mexico

Apr 23, 2008

By Kelly Comegys This was my first event with Luxury Real Estate and I am more than impressed! I didn’t really know what to expect, but it is safe to say I was blown away. The professionalism of the staff at Luxury Real Estate is noteworthy, as well as its attendees. I found that everyone was eager to hear about the new development, La Amada, in Playa Mujeres, Mexico. I cannot think of a better way to spread the word amongst industry professionals than through networking with Luxury Real Estate affiliates. I plan to attend every event moving forward. Thanks again. Best, Kelly Comegys Master Broker La Amada Residences T +1 (786) 316 3006

How to sell your home

Apr 23, 2008

By Scott Rudolph Sometimes it is just a simple message that sparks a wildfire. Watch the video. Share the video. Catch the message. Make it happen. For sellers, I want to say: birds find new nests and so shall you. Your trusted real estate professional is key to helping you find another home which you’re bound to grow to love as much as what your leaving. Editor’s Note: Scott Rudolph is the Director of Business Development for He works with a variety of luxury-focused companies to expand the influence. The video in this blog entry was made by RealEstateZebra. After watching this humorous video, I feel like holding up a piece of paper that simply says, “Amen.” Changing market conditions demand flexibility and sometimes drastic measures like reducing the price on your home. For better or worse, it’s a buyer’s market right now.

Wealthy, optimistic and ready to buy

Apr 22, 2008

By Jean-Yves Piton Unsurprisingly, international real estate investments firms, worldwide real estate brokers/agents and wealthy global buyers are capitalizing on investment opportunities around the globe at this present time. As expressed in the news article “Sunny side of the street: America’s wealthy see buying opportunities in sluggish real-estate market,” published by (, 70 percent of the wealthiest (over $500,000 in investable assets) surveyed believe that the true opportunity in real estate is now. The survey discloses that precisely 40 percent of the wealthiest are presently shopping around to acquire properties this year. Agreeably, PNC Wealth Management demonstrated in a recent Wealth and Values Survey that 69 percent of the affluent accumulated most of their wealth through work, business ownership and/or investments. Clearly, such values about wealth help support the reason why the number of millionaires is expected to grow by an additional 6 percent this year. Editor’s Note: Jean-Yves Piton is the Global Services Membership Manager for He assists Bente Madtsen, the Director of Global Services, in expanding the brand into even more countries around the world. These are some fantastic statistics! This shows that there is hope in today’s marketplace because the wealthiest members of society are noticing great opportunities to buy with prices declining. Simply marvelous.
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