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After a brief hiatus, open houses are back in swing, and sellers are taking the opportunity to get more public eyes on their homes. As you consider having open houses, here are a few things to remember as a homeowner.

Tell People
Social media is a fantastic tool for sharing open houses. However, as social media grows, information often gets lost in the flood of online content. Consider using online advertising to get more traction. If you are selling a home in Burlington, your real estate agent should post your property on niched groups related to Burlington real estate or specific Burlington communities. Your real estate agent should have a solid marketing strategy for promoting your open house and getting as many viewers in your home as possible.

Get Your House Ready
You can do a few things to make your home stand out during an open house. Ensure your home is clean and decluttered. Consider a professional stager to help make your home stand out. If you have a garage, do your best to make space for vehicles. Leave at least one vehicle in the garage so the viewers can compare the garage size. If you have multiple vehicles, keep the driveway clear for the public.

To make your home appear bright, open all the curtains and turn on all your lights. If you’d like to add a pleasant aroma, choose something natural, like vanilla or baked goods. While you may have an impulse to use an air freshener, consider that many people will have allergies.

Music playing while guests look at your home is a great idea, but how do you decide what to play? Do you play mellow music, or do you put some lyric-free house music? Did you know that there are several Open House playlists on Spotify? In March, REALTOR® Magazine released a list of the most popular songs for open houses, and while there were songs of just about every genre on the list, it was heavier on the pop and rock influence.

Ask your real estate agent to create professional brochures for your open house. This brochure should include photos, home features and perhaps a list of upgrades throughout the home. Photographs of your home in various seasons will be an excellent and unique addition to providing information on the brochure.

If you’ve done any key renovations, and there are warranties still included, have that paperwork out so the prospective home buyers can take a look. Make sure all those minor repairs are completed before you open your doors.

Discuss Safety Concerns
Discuss with your agent the plan for creating a safe place for you and your open house visitors. Make sure pets are safely cared for away from the public, have hand sanitizer available, and store valuables in a safe place.

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for feedback. It can be hard to accept criticism, but the goal is to make the house appealing to someone who would buy it, and the input provided at an open house can provide just that.


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