Sea Ridge Reserve: A natural legacy

San José

This one-of-a-kind property is the perfect setting to manifest conservation and educational efforts, or to create immersive retreats in the heart of nature. 

Costa Rica’s Southern Zone stands out as one of the country’s richest and most biologically-active natural areas. From impressive virgin rainforests in protected areas like Corcovado National Park, to the pristine beaches around the Dominical area, this southern stretch of the Pacific Coast has a reputation as the ideal setting for those looking for a more quaint and authentic feel, one where their relationship with nature can be established amidst peaceful soundscapes and immersed in beautiful and rejuvenating tropical surroundings. 

Nestled within one of the area’s most important biological corridors, El Paso de la Danta,  Sea Ridge Reserve embodies all of the area’s natural allure in one expansive legacy estate. The property’s infrastructure lies on the uppermost area of the property, where jaw dropping 360-degree views of the country’s impressive landscape intertwine the beautiful ocean mantle of the Pacific Coast with the misty Talamanca mountain range. 


In addition to its privileged sights, Sea Ridge Reserve hosts an intricate web of water sources that includes primary rainforest-fed rivers and a collection of some of the country’s most impressive waterfalls in Diamante, San Luis and Santa Lucía. These features provide any resident or visitor the unparalleled experience of potentially traversing nearly a dozen different ecosystems all within the same property, from the fresh climate of the coastal mountain range all the way to the paradisiacal Pacific beachfront. 

At the heart of Sea Ridge Reserve’s amazing meeting point of exotic flora and fauna lies the 50,000 ft2, four-story main house. This is a unique structure built with the expansive 360-degree views in mind, and would serve as the perfect headquarters for an ecological research center for the natural reserve, an education hub, community center, or even a wellness center. After all, whoever acquires this property will have a myriad of ways in which to develop and make the most out of what’s one of the most unique corners of Costa Rica’s Southern Zone. 

Simply put, legacy properties like Sea Ridge Reserve rarely come to the market. This property’s iconic status will bring untapped potential for anyone to fulfill their dreams of sustainability and ecological conservation. 


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