what do you know about Hunting?

This sport is, after fishing, the most popular practiced outdoors. Small game
hunting is based on the pursuit of animals smaller than a common fox, that is,
small wild animals. Some species considered small game in Spain are: the pigeon
, the pheasant, the partridge, the rabbit, the hare or the quail, among others.
The minimum area that the preserve for small game must have is 250 hectares,
unlike for big game, which requires a minimum of 500 hectares. There are several types of small game hunting. These can be: Al Paso: it is carried out on birds (pigeons, turtle doves, thrushes...) in it,
the hunters remain hidden in positions through which these species fly over
naturally. Waiting: It is usually practiced on the banks of rivers where birds, mainly
ducks, appear in search of food or during their migrations. In hunting: the hunter positions himself strategically and shoots at the
animals that pass in front of him, as they are picked up by dogs or scouts. With claim: in the case of partridges, a male is placed as a claim so that,
during the mating season, it attracts both males and females of the same
species. The hunter usually remains camouflaged in his hunting post. With dog: in this modality, the dogs, when a hare jumps, chase it until its
loss or capture. The chase dogs, in gangs, capture rabbits to the tooth. Special mention must be made of sustainable hunting, one in which there is no
overexploitation or artificialisation, since only part of the population is
extracted, leaving intact its ability to remain indefinitely over time and
maintaining the hunting, natural and wild populations. At Crops Capital we are experts in hunting farms and, from here, we take the
opportunity to congratulate the Aragonese Juan Manuel Ballestero, who won the
title of champion of Spain Small Game Hunting with Dog 2021. Congratulations! If you want to know more information about our hunting farms, our team of
experts is ready to give you all the information you need. Do not hesitate
to contact us.


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