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There are areas of specialization within real estate, and selling Luxury Homes is one of these specialties. A seller would want to make sure that when they hire a sales representative to sell such a unique property, they have someone with the expertise to get the job done. It takes a little more mastery than your typical agent. Selling an executive home has some principles the same but different.

You require a sales representative who can offer global exposure, such as the means to advertise on and The pool of buyers is less than the average home, so you need an agent that can expand your market range.

Carriage Trade
Despite being a Canadian company, Royal LePage has created a designation for the finest properties in Canada and has positioned itself to market these unique homes across the world. In order to qualify to be included in the Carriage Trade portfolio, the property must meet specific criteria. This could be price, views, amenities and other unique qualities. With the Carriage Trade designation, this curated list of the countries' most distinguished homes has International power and can market the property to prominent buyers.

There are four key elements the REALTOR® selling an executive home must be a master of to ensure a favourable outcome for all parties.

Pricing Properly
This will take an experienced sales representative to give a proper pricing strategy. This also takes a very knowledgeable agent to be able to substantiate their opinion with a seller. All sellers want the most and can have an emotional attachment to their property. Still, a real estate professional will be able to validate their opinion of value and remove the emotion from the valuation.

There is a need to have a first-class marketing strategy with an executive home. The marketing cannot be a generic promotion but a very targeted campaign both digitally and in quality print materials. Open houses are not how to sell an executive home; however, an agent open house is a good plan for other executive homes REALTORS®. As with any listing today, quality photography and videography are a must, but there is a slight difference with a luxury property. Your typical buyer for these homes is not your first-time home buyer. They are savvy and experienced. This is where hiring a top REALTOR® will opt for cinematic lifestyle videos and make sure to appeal to their target market. This requires a more significant advertising budget but will be worth the investment.

An experienced agent will wait until the timing is right to get your property to the real estate market. For example, if we are selling the waterfront views, then listing in the winter months in Canada is probably not ideal. Conversely, if you are selling the skiing hills in BC, perhaps the winter would be the optimal time to market. You will want an agent that puts your needs ahead of their agenda.

An experienced agent will be patient in the process and know when to change the course of direction. An experience REALTOR® will certainly not want to give false expectations to their sellers. Therefore, they will need to work within the sellers' timeframes as best as possible.

Just because someone has a license to sell real estate does not make them an expert in the field of luxury properties. As a seller, you want to do your due diligence and hire a specialist who has the network, marketing plan & budget that can reach your target audience and experience to negotiate on your behalf.

Just remember selling an executive home — same but different!


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