Why is Manuel Antonio One of the Best Destinations for Expats?

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Manuel Antonio is not only a tourism hub; it is also the home of many expats! 

Everyone knows Manuel Antonio as Costa Rica’s poster child. The natural beauty, commitment to preservation and supply-and-demand dynamics have turned it into one of the most solid markets to invest in tourism.

Nonetheless, the shift in global mindset has brought along a new perspective. The profile of investors has diversified greatly, and while income-generating properties are still among the most coveted in the area, Manuel Antonio is clearly emerging as a destination ideal to live full time. 

The Real Estate Market in Manuel Antonio

Development in Manuel Antonio has always gone hand in hand with nature. Quepos is a naturally privileged area, clad with beautiful beaches and towering mountains. While tourists, both locals and international, are drawn to this paradise, Manuel Antonio also encompasses an authentic and long-standing Costa Rican community. More than 15,000 families are residents of the Manuel Antonio and Quepos area, long before the boom in tourism. 

While the real estate market is often characterized by opulent estates with the objective of embodying everyone’s vacation dream, there is a large percentage of houses that have been designed to live full time.Communities like Finca Se Ve Bien, Valle Pura Vida and Villas Tranquilas have risen to the top compounds ideal for business owners, families and expats, thanks to their proximity to essential services like bilingual schools, supermarkets, banks and medical practices. 

1630597869Left: Villa Tranquila 1. Right: Beautiful Modern Home minutes from the Marina Pez Vela.

The Services and Amenities You Need

Manuel Antonio also offers a wide range of services that make live as an expat incredibly easy. Other regions of Costa Rica, like the Southern Zone, are great for those who yearn to reconnect with nature and live in total autonomy. They give residents a full immersion in the local culture, but they are not for everyone.

Manuel Antonio, on the other hand, magically combines a long-standing tradition with first-world services. The seven-kilometer stretch of main road is brimming with services like restaurants, hotels and wellness centers. There is also the state-of-the-art Marina Pez Vela, which many families in the fishing charter business find convenient. 

Moreover, outside of the tourist corridor, you can also find private practices, pharmacies, banks and even private schools. This has made it a preferred location for retirees looking for quality of life, families looking for convenience and expats looking for luxurious commodities.  

The Beauty of Manuel Antonio

There is a reason why Manuel Antonio is one of the most visited coastal towns in Costa Rica. The combination of lush rainforests and paradisiac beaches offers a little bit of everything to all walks and stripes of life. With communities perched atop mountains that surpass 1,000 feet above sea level, our clients looking for fresher weather and mountain views will find a plethora of residences that match their criteria. While beachfront living is not possible due to the strict maritime laws, there are many options to live just steps away from some of the most iconic beaches in the area. 

And the diversity goes beyond that. It is also a great destination for those looking to experience the local culture. For example, the farmers’ market, local sodas (Costa Rican typical restaurants) and the slow pace of life are quintessential of Costa Rica. And for those looking for the utmost luxury, the yachting facilities in the marina, the golf courses, the offer of international and gourmet eateries, as well as the myriad of wellness retreats will do the trick.


While each and every one of our offices continues to experience an unprecedented demand, Manuel Antonio has quickly risen as one of the top destinations for our clientele, especially those looking to relocate permanently. Costa Rica is small in size; nonetheless, it is incredibly diverse in terms of lifestyles. And there is no other place in the country with the diversity found in Manuel Antonio.

While at large, Manuel Antonio is a tourist destination, the town has blossomed into a destination ideal for digital nomads, retirees and families. The availability of services, authenticity and beauty have made it a favorite among our clients. 


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