Townhomes in Costa Rica: Great Housing and Investment Opportunities

San José

The year 2020 brought along many housing trends, and one of the most prominent was how the way we perceive high-rise living. While upsizing has always been almost a cyclical trend, the overall need to migrate to larger spaces with outdoor areas became stronger than ever in 2020. Yet we found that the benefits of luxury living in a condo are still deeply ingrained in the lifestyle of many home buyers. For our clientele in Costa Rica, when condos and single-family homes don’t seem to be the right answer for buyers, townhomes are always there to save the day. Here are some of the reasons:


The Ease of  a Condo 

As great as living in a private estate is, many have a hard time letting go of condos for the advantages that they represent. Among them: the sense of community living, affordability, less maintenance, and access to amenities. Townhomes are more often than not governed by homeowner associations, which means that you get all those benefits while still living in a residence with the curb appeal of a single-family home. Gated entrances, pools, BBQ grounds, playgrounds, and clubhouses all give residents that sense of luxury living without having to worry about the expenses and maintenance associated with it.  


The Feel of a Home

Space, autonomy, and privacy are some of the things people want when they prioritize living in a single-family home. While traditional townhomes are often thought of as units that share one or more walls with other units, the concept has evolved greatly and now many developers focus on building communities of townhomes that offer the benefits of a single-family dwelling. For example, homeowner associations are less strict, which gives homeowners of townhomes more autonomy over the looks of their houses. A great example of this is this renovated home in El Tejar Condominiums, located in Guachipelin, one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in the western suburbs of the capital.  


The house itself went through a full renovation and now boasts the finest finished of all the residences.  The community of El Tejar has garnered lots of popularity amongst families due to its central location amidst a privileged school district. Just like the houses in this enclave, townhomes are a great hybrid of a condo and a private home because they just feel like a home but come with all the perks of living in a gated community. 


Investing in Townhouses

Now more than ever alternative lodging operations are becoming increasingly popular, as the pandemic has given a drastic turn to hallway hotels, and vacation rentals are surging all over the world as ideal alternatives to travel.  When people think of investing in vacation rentals they usually think of single-family homes, but townhouses in Costa Rica can also be great investments. 

While townhomes are fairly popular in urban areas as long-term rentals, they are also great lodging options in coastal towns. A great example of this is the community of Canto del Mar, a compound of townhomes located in Dominical, which has become famous as vacation rentals because of its unique value proposition. Beautiful views of the ocean, a walk to the beach, and a private pool for each house makes it one of the most popular short-term rentals in the area. 

1626723160Aerial View of Canto del Mar

While townhomes are great alternatives for full-time living, savvy investors are also betting on them as an excellent investment to diversify their stream of revenues. Townhomes offer flexibility in terms of living and investing and come with some great perks like low maintenance costs and luxury amenities at a lower price.  Either as a residence or as a vacation rental, be sure to contact us if you want to know more about townhomes in Costa Rica.



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