Real Estate as an Investment

San José

There are thousands of books and blog articles going around on the world wide web about how to start building wealth, the best habits to become rich, or how to start your own business. Building wealth is the dream of many people and certainly their biggest drive when it comes to businesses. Many experts agree that investing in real estate has become one of the most effective ways to start seeing your returns getting thicker and handsomer. But why do experts keep advising people on investing in real estate? Among many advantages, these types of assets are financially stable, high in returns, and they are also fairly accessible. Keep reading to find out why buying real estate is a very good investment.

Why do experts say it is financially stable?


As Mark Twain once said, “Buy land, they’re not making it anymore”. One of the most notorious advantages of real estate investing is that it is a safe investment. Buying real estate is one of the safest ways of investing because land, houses, or buildings rarely go down in price, and they are always in high demand. Yes, we could mention the times where economic crises have made prices fall, but real estate has been historically proven to appreciate in value over time. Moreover,  ownership of a home is a dream that many want to make a reality, and it does not seem to be going away anytime soon. Especially during the pandemic, people have realized that owning a home is one of the best assets they can have. Furthermore, enterprises and companies also look for land where they can build their facilities, which expands the market to a wider demographic. The demand for real estate is vast, varied,  and more than likely will continue growing.


Profitability: The Real Question

Another advantage of investing in real estate is how lucrative it is. The return on investment will always vary depending on the type of real estate investing you want to do, whether that is renting or selling. Just to give you an idea, one of our properties for sale in Uvita is a commercial center currently generating $5,000 in revenue per month. We also have Casa Dolce Vita in Manuel Antonio that, in non-Covid related years, has consistently amassed $60,000 or more each year in net returns. Moreover, Vista Azul in Pacific Canyon Drive receives a passive income of $6,500 per month. While it is hard to say exactly how profitable real estate is, it is sure to say that it is very profitable.


How flexible is real estate? 

Investing in real estate comes in many different forms, making it a very flexible endeavor. Many people wrongfully think that they need lots of money to invest in real estate. However, when you invest in real estate you have plenty of options to pursue and maximize your profits. One of the most common ways to make money is through wholesale real estate investing, or more popularly known as flipping houses. You could also buy a property for commercial use and turn it into a restaurant, event venue, bar or discotheque. There is also the option to rent or lease. You could buy a short-term rental in a popular beach town like Manuel Antonio and rent it to tourists. You could buy lots and sell them to developers, or purchase farms to grow timber. There are many options that vary greatly in terms of pricing, whether the investment requires maintenance, what type of taxes they pay,  and many other factors that have to be considered. This makes it a market open to anyone regardless of their budget, tastes, or preferences.



How do I start?

Purchasing real estate is a great opportunity to build your wealth, with a financially secure, flexible, and high-return investment. You can have little or lots of money, you can be experienced or a newbie, you can start small or start out big! It can really be the investment of a lifestyle and a distinctive moment in your life. To ensure the success of your purchase, our team of experienced professionals is ready to help you find the investment that suits your budget and lifestyle! Contact us today and let us guide you through the purchase of a lifetime. 


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