How to Know if a Condo in Costa Rica is a Good Housing Option

San José

Living in a condominium has advantages and disadvantages, just like everything else in life. However, it is also true that living in a condominium has been unfairly deemed as inconvenient. The truth is that condominiums are a great housing option for a plethora of reasons, which respond mostly to personal needs and circumstances. Not everyone needs a big house with expansive gardens; in fact, —and believe it or not— some people are actually interested in leaving their comfortable states for something cozier and with less maintenance. If you’re looking for housing options and are unsure about what might fit you better, keep reading and find out if buying a condo in Costa Rica is the solution you’re looking for.



One of the main factors behind the success of this type of housing is the security that it offers its residents. Condominiums are typically gated communities that offer a variety of ways to ensure the safety and security of the development; for example, they can offer security guards, camera surveillance, and distinguished entrances for residents and visitors. This is very convenient if you travel a lot, or in case you want to have a second vacation home. You can just lock the door and leave with the security that nothing will happen to your home while you’re away. 



Living in a condominium creates a great sense of community. Condominiums include different common areas and amenities such as communal pools, clubhouses, and sports facilities. This gives you the opportunity to socialize and meet with people that share the same interests as you. Because you will live in close proximity to other people, it will also give you the opportunity to develop friendships with your neighbors. Moreover, you and your neighbors will be co-owners of the common areas, which means that everyone will work for a common goal: making the community a better place for everyone. If you’re going to move to a new neighborhood or relocate to Costa Rica, choosing a condominium might be the best way to make new friends.


Less Hassle.


Typically, condominium association fees cover any upgrades or maintenance costs. It means you get to have beautiful areas for entertainment such as pools, parks, gyms, and other amenities for a monthly fee. And the best part is that you don’t have to worry about cleaning the pool, cutting the grass, or fixing the roof. It allows you to have a lock-and-leave lifestyle, where maintenance and repairs are not a part of your schedule. It is especially convenient for people who love to travel, or even empty nesters whose house has become unbearable to maintain.



Condos are oftentimes cheaper than houses. Living in a condominium means you get everything in one place. Tennis courts, swimming pools, and fine finishes. If you compare prices between a townhouse or single-family home with features such as the ones mentioned above, you’ll find that the price tag adds to a lot more. Take for example the market in Manuel Antonio. You won’t find an ocean-view estate with a pool for less than a quarter of a million, but you will find ocean-view condos for under $250,000. And while we already talked about the fact that those amenities are maintained by the condominium staff and it is an advantage by itself, it is also important to take into account the financial aspect. If you want to have amenities, at a lower price, and without worrying about repairs, then condos can be a great choice. 




Condominiums, or at least vertical condominiums, are easily accessible for the elderly as well as for people with disabilities. It is common to have elevators in the buildings, which facilitate mobility. More often than not, condominiums are also located in areas where the demand for housing is high, usually in places that are close to city centers, restaurants, shops, supermarkets, and more, which makes them incredibly convenient if you’re looking to live close to your workplace or the amenities mentioned before. You can also find houses in the same proximity, but they are usually a lot more expensive than a condo. Finding an affordable condo in a sought-after location like Jaco,  for example, is something that can happen quite often. 

Condos can be a great option for the right people. Jet setters, empty nesters, people with disabilities, and couples can find the solution to their housing needs in this type of residence, but it will all depend on your lifestyle, your budget, and your preferences. If you discover that condos are ideal for you, then contact us and let us find your dream home!



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