What is Your Definition of Luxury?

San José

Before a world pandemic obligated us to stay within our confines, the word “luxury” meant the occasional treat: a trip to Europe, an expensive piece of jewelry or maybe designer clothes….According to the Cambridge dictionary, luxury is defined as "great comfort, especially as provided by expensive and beautiful things".

But where did luxury go after travel restrictions upended millions of destinations? Or what does it mean now that jewelry and clothing are barely noticed on occasional zoom meetings? Naturally, the pandemic changed a lot of things. It changed how we work, how we interact and more than anything it shifted priorities. What we perceive as luxury also changed.

When your entire life has to happen in between four walls, it really makes you rethink your priorities in terms of what you want out of your home. The latest housing trends in the USA have shone a light on the things that people really look for in a house now that they are not tied to a job location or school. And the most evident trend in the market is people consistently looking for bigger spaces away from cities, with recent data clearly showing that people are buying larger and better-equipped homes in tranquil settings.

It seems that people are discovering the relationship between our environment and our emotional state. Fields like interior design, landscape architecture and fashion design have people realizing that the place where they live has to both as pleasing as it is functional. These fields answer the demands of our highly influenceable state of mind, and create spaces that allow us to feel comfortable, productive, motivated and at ease.


Amidst an unprecedented lockdown, everyone suddenly started to feel claustrophobic. Perhaps, the space in which they were living was not as ideal as they thought. People used to spend the majority of their time at school or work, which gave houses a secondary stance: they were a place where we would only rest. Nowadays, houses have to be everything in one: your office, your playground, your club, your gym, your studio.

This has resulted in people looking for bigger properties where they can have all the amenities they want in one place. People have gone back to having hobbies and find that designating a space for them is important. So musicians look for houses where they can have a recording studio, sports enthusiasts look for a customizable area that they can transform into a gym, and people who are outdoorsy look for expansive gardens where they can be in contact with nature.

For us, at 2Costa Rica Real Estate, the word luxury means the house that not only fits your needs but goes the extra mile and gives you what you didn’t even know you wanted. That house, with the views of the expansive gardens surrounded by lush vegetation. The house with an office setting that motivates you and makes you productive. The house with a bar for lively cocktails with friends or with expansive terraces for a family BBQ. The house with the garden that your pet deserves and the refreshing pool for our eternal summer. For us, luxury is feeling content in your confines, trusting that you have everything you need in one place. 


When our kitchens are the new restaurants, our backyards the new parks, and the guest rooms the new office, people yearn for that ideal space in which they can work and unwind, where the distribution offers you distinctive spaces for productivity and leisure, and where the family can gather and have a good time together. A luxury house that not only will have your friends amazed at the design, but also will have the right backdrop for your family photos.

With uncertainty being the new rule, now more than ever, people have dared to do the things that they thought were impossible. They moved to a different state. They picked up on their old hobbies. They acquired a new house, and with it, a new lifestyle. 

If you’re looking for that house, visit our website and let us show you what true luxury means. 


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robert james — April 21, 2021

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