Why Custom Build Your Home?

San José

2Costa Rica Real EstateSAN JOSÉ, COSTA RICA - Buying or building a home is a life project. Although with exceptions, investing in a home usually means that you’re making a commitment for life or at least for the long term. So when people are looking for the house of their dreams, they might stumble across a particular question: Should I buy or build? The answer is not simple, and it will depend on a variety of factors, like your budget, your patience and your preferences. 

If you are unsure, continue reading this blog and find out if building a house from scratch is the ideal solution for you.  

  • Uniqueness 

Naturally, the main advantage of a custom-built home is the fact that it is unique and completely done to your taste. Of course, this needs the help of an architect and a construction company, but the end result will have your personal preferences everywhere. You can be creative with the distribution of your home and think outside of the box. If you have always wanted something unconventional in your house, like an outdoor kitchen, glass walls in your room for beautiful views or maybe a guitar-shaped pool, then a custom-made home will be ideal to make your dreams come true. Moreover, everything will be up to your choice, from the color of the walls to the countertops of the kitchen and the material of the floor.  

  • Quality Construction

This one is somehow related to the fact that you get to choose everything in your house. But it has more to do with the quality of the materials rather than the color or texture. When you are building a house from scratch you are in full control of the materials that will be used. Of course, this means you get to choose the best materials, ensuring the longevity and durability of your home. Although being able to personalize your dwelling comes at a higher price from the start, in the long run, choosing high-quality materials will save you money.  

  • Minimal Maintenance

A house that has been recently built will require less maintenance (if any) than any other house that has been built for a longer time. One of the biggest risks of buying an already built home is the fact that you don’t know what repairs have to be done until you already live there. In that sense, building a home from the ground up will give you the assurance that it won’t need any maintenance nor repairs in the first years. This is something that will also save you money in the future. 

  • Location

More than choosing the city or town where you want to live, building a house will allow you to choose the specific place of the lot where you want to build. You can take advantage of the topography of your lot and create natural buffers with trees or hills. Moreover, you can also designate how much space you want for your garden or pool. You can even choose which side will your balcony be facing depending on whether you love to watch the sun coming out or going down.  

If you have convinced yourself that building is the option for you, then check out these beautiful lots for sale in Costa Rica

  1. Valle Perdido Lots:


These beautiful lots located in Valle Perdido, Jacó are being sold as one for a price of $175,000. They can accommodate two full luxury houses with enough privacy and green space. The site has amazing panoramic views of the ocean and the mountains of the nearby eco-reserve. They both measure up to 13,519 m2 and are ready to build. They also include a private road and access to water and electricity. If you’re interested, seller financing is an option! 

  1. Altos de Miramar


This homesite is located on the Southern Pacific Coast in Hatillo, Dominical and features good access,  impeccable surroundings and beautiful views that stretch all the way to Manuel Antonio National Park. It measures a little over seven acres and consists of a ridgeline with sloping hills to the west, which means you can have full control of the views. It is only 10 minutes away from Dominical and approximately 40 minutes to Quepos. The area is one of the most sought-after and very few lots with these features are available. 

  1. Magical 21-acre Estate


Located in Manuel Antonio, the property is ideal for anyone looking to have a farm, ranch, stables or enough space for agriculture. Measuring over 87,000 square meters, it is segregated into 17 different lots, which means that it can also be an investment property for residential development. The terrain’s topography is ideal for single-level homes, and it is conveniently located only a stone’s throw away from the Marina Pez Vela, national park and supermarkets.  

If upon seeing these options you feel you’re ready to build your house, then contact us so we can get you the lot of your dreams!


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