Working and Living in Paradise

San José

Costa Rica is an exotic destination that is known worldwide for its amicable political climate, high quality of life, and beauty that attracts a myriad of tourists, retirees, and investors. Many people think of retiring in paradise as the gold pot at the end of the rainbow, something that will only happen after you’ve worked hard and made lots of money. But you don’t have to wait until you grow old to enjoy the lifestyle you always wanted; in fact, the opposite is true!

Many have taken advantage of Costa Rica’s competitive prices and decided to start a business here that would be able to both generate income and allow them to fully dive into the pura vida lifestyle. One of the most popular ways of living and working in Costa Rica, especially near the beach, is through rental properties. It is also true that there are plenty of rental properties that can be handled from afar, but in all honesty, you’d be missing out on the best part: living in beautiful Costa Rica and enjoying higher returns. So, let’s talk about the advantages of operating a lodging business where you also get to live.

The first advantage is that you get to have control over your business. Being an active member means that every detail and decision revolving around your rental property will have your trademark. This is ideal for entrepreneurs with creative skills who will see this opportunity as a way to execute different strategies to leverage earnings and will find a challenge in assessing the success of them. Moreover, you will be in close contact with your tenants and will develop a relationship with them, as you will become their main point of contact. Being present means you get to oversee that the rules you set in place are being followed. Plus, managing your rental properties will have you learning a myriad of both soft and hard skills that always come in handy, like advertising, people’s skills, and marketing. 

Indeed, handling your own business also means more income. Whenever a hospitality business is handled from afar, having a concierge becomes paramount. For this you have merely two options: either you have an employee take care of the house or property, or you hire a property management company to handle it. Both options are attractive, as they allow you to have passive income in a hassle-free way; nonetheless, the downside to it is you have to engage in expenses that come out of your pocket. On the other hand, if you are in charge of giving maintenance to the rental property yourself, you will be saving money that otherwise would go in wages for an employee or in profits for a management company.

And last but not least, managing your rental property in Costa Rica gives you the experience of living and working in paradise. Costa Rica is not only a great place to vacation, but it is also a great place to live! With quality medical services, top-ranked international schools and universities, political stability, and a thriving economy, it is truly a haven for expats. Costa Rica was also ranked the happiest country in Latinamerica in 2021 by the World Happiness Report, a claim that reflects the quality of life in this beautiful land. 

Owning a property with rental potential is one of the best ways to start your life in paradise, so take a look at these deals in Manuel Antonio that reflect just how diverse the real estate market is:

1. La Maison Blanche:


Contemporary, modern design luxury villa. The property encompasses three apartments: two single-bedroom apartments, and one two-bedroom apartment. Located in Valle Pura Vida, a neighborhood perched atop a hill, this property has all the characteristics to make it a successful, long-term rental operation. 

2. Casa Downtime:


A three-level estate that comprises a two-story house and a fully equipped apartment below. The apartment can accommodate one or two people that can rent the residence above. Located in the heart of Manuel Antonio but tucked away in the mountain, it is ideal for both long-term and short-term rental. 

3. Casa Dragonfly:



This beautiful modern yet rustic residence boasts a spacious one-level main home and two one-bedroom apartments. Located in Valle Pura Vida, a quaint and serene community close to Manuel Antonio town, the national park, and other beautiful beaches of the area, the two apartments are currently rented long term, which means you don’t even have to look for tenants!

4. Casa Wow:


Poised amidst over half an acre of land, this luxury residence with enviable views of the Fila Chonta mountain range also includes a studio apartment and a three-bedroom caretaker’s residence. Priced to sell, the property is located close to Marina Pez Vela and Quepos, giving it a unique blend of convenience and tranquility. 

5. Cloud Forest Estate:


Having recently gone through a price reduction, Cloud Forest estate is truly one of the best values you can get for your money. This private estate of 36 acres offers, aside from the massive main residence, a caretaker’s residence and a cabin. The potential is unparalleled: a corporate retreat center, boutique hotel, or research center can all be potential successful operations.

Aside from a variety of lodging operations, Manuel Antonio also offers a plethora of entertainment provided by its geographical richness, which makes it one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in Costa Rica. From first-class accommodations to affordable stays, the best of the mountain and the beach meet in this small piece of land where dreams come true. For more information on lifestyle investments, visit 2Costa Rica Real Estate



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