Santa Ana: The Quintessential Family Canton

San José

Santa Ana is a canton of San José, the capital of Costa Rica. It is the home of many ex-pats, big companies, free zones, and commercial centers. In the last few years, Santa Ana has become one of the most sought-after areas, especially since the opening of Route 27, where its privileged location has made it a focal point for anyone looking to escape traffic jams and wanting to be close to modern conveniences. However, Santa Ana possesses a unique blend of a modern city with rural charm, an enviable human development index, and an array of educational institutions that make it stand out from other cities in the country. Santa Ana has long been regarded as one of the most family-oriented cities in Costa Rica. If you want to find out why, keep reading!

If you have children, it is only natural to be concerned about their education. The offer of educational institutions in Santa Ana is vast and equally outstanding in quality. Because of the multicultural and multiethnic nature of Costa Rica, there is a myriad of international, private schools that offer the best curriculum to ensure that your children receive the best education. Some of the best schools in Santa Ana are the Pan-American School, which offers the international baccalaureate diploma, and is accredited internationally by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. Also, you can find the Tree of Life International School, where children receive classes in Spanish, English, and Mandarin, and is approved by the Cambridge Assessment International Education. Furthermore, Franz Liszt Schule offers an artistic approach to education and offers classes in Spanish and German.


Aside from the wide array of educational institutions found in this city, Santa Ana has been able to maintain its rural, yesteryear charm without forgetting about development and convenience. And like in any other city in Costa Rica, nature plays an important role in the recreational aspect of the citizens, where parks, natural reserves, and forests are the main source of entertainment. Of course, shopping malls and city centers with cinemas, restaurants, and arcade rooms imbue Santa Ana, but you can still find beautiful, nature-oriented spaces that are ideal for children and where you don’t have to worry about driving for hours. An example of this is Hacienda La Chimba, a place where you and your family can enjoy trails, zip-lining, and a high-rope course. There are also trails, coffee tours, and picturesque, antique houses that take you all the way to the beginning of the century.

Santa Ana was also ranked as the number one canton in the human development index according to PNUD (United Nations Development Programme). This is the result of the many efforts made by the municipality to improve the socio-economic conditions of the canton. In the last five years, the Human Development Management of Santa Ana’s municipality has implemented more than 20 different programs aimed at improving employment, social welfare, decreasing violence, and encouraging entrepreneurship, among others.  Indeed, these programs are mostly aimed at the most vulnerable sections of the population, but anyone interested in improving their skills is welcome to enroll in the programs. After all, the main objective of these programs is to improve the overall quality of life for all city dwellers.


 The surge in popularity of this canton has made residential development paramount to keep up with the demand. Hence, developers keep betting on creating communities that encompass everything a family is looking for; such as La Hacienda and Villa Real, where factors like a strategic location close to academic institutions and amenities, open spaces with access to nature, and safety are the top priorities. 

Santa Ana has many attributes that make it an ideal place to start or raise a family. With a privileged location in close proximity to the capital, Escazu, and Sabana, a wide range of top-ranked schools, and all types of amenities perfect for a family getaway, Santa Ana keeps betting on family as the core foundation of society. The real estate market has evolved to serve those needs, and while you can find single-family homes with spacious gardens for children, you can also find avant-garde multi-family complexes where other family structures that include grandparents, aunts, and uncles can live in one community and maintain their privacy. Santa Ana is sure to meet all of the needs of any household, whether extended, unconventional, or unique! All types of households —no matter how diverse— have all found in Santa Ana an ideal place to call home. 


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