What Do We Really Want in a House?

San José

One of the most important things that a real estate agent must have is the ability to really pay attention and listen. Oftentimes clients are not sure exactly what they want until they see it.  An experienced real estate agent will pick up on cues and understand what the person wants to communicate, not just what they say.  The pandemic has made evident a lot of things, and one of the things that have stirred the real estate industry is the appreciation for open space. Moreover, another tendency is that many people want to stray from typical condominiums because of strict regulations, lack of privacy, as well as oftentimes, expensive homeowners association fees. When a client asks for green areas and a home outside of a condominium, it is important for their real estate agent to be able to know who their clients are, what their motivation is, and what their true drive may be.  While on the surface, a request for more green space outside of a condominium is just that, they are also describing the lifestyle they envision in Costa Rica. 

Yard at Vista Divina

 In a post-pandemic world, having a house that doesn't make you feel enclosed is becoming more and more important. So when clients say they want vast open areas, it may not translate into the specific size of the lot, but the sensation and ability to feel privacy, open space, fresh air, and potentially, the ability to build a legacy. Spacious green areas are not just an abstract request; they are the reflection of a person whose interest lies in having space to play with their pets or set a playground for their children or grandchildren. A person whose main interest is a property with a bigger yard is not just prioritizing land; it’s prioritizing the freedom to spend time with friends and family in the comfort of their own estate. They might also be prioritizing a space to become self-sufficient; perhaps to grow their own vegetables, practice gardening, or just work out below the shade of a tree. The need for space is no longer a luxury, it has become a commodity: something paramount in order to have quality of life. 

Furthermore, condominiums aren’t what people are running away from. They are rejecting the idea of living under somebody else’s rules. In truth, they are in search of a more authentic lifestyle, and it is the lack of autonomy they’re escaping from. The ability to personalize and adapt your surroundings adds even more value to your property and it is what makes you call it home. To be able to paint their house their favorite color, to place the sculpture that took them hours to make in their backyard. Being able to remodel their house to their taste, add rooms or transform them as necessary, that’s what people are truly looking for. Nowadays, people look for autonomy. 


 However, a combination of these two things is becoming increasingly harder to find. With condominiums offering strict rules and regulations that eclipse any sort of autonomy, and with overpopulation and development making green areas ever more scarce, communities like Finca Se Ve Bien in Manuel Antonio, position themselves in the midst of a continuously growing demand for freedom and legacy, and promises to give you the best of both worlds. 

Paved road at Finca Se Ve Bien

Finca Se Ve Bien offers its residents lots of more than 1.25 acres in size, which gives homeowners more than enough space to have a house without compromising space for you to have a BBQ with friends, a pool to teach your children how to swim, or the backyard that your pets deserve. Additionally, the HOA is strictly designed to serve the purpose of a safer community, and better control of utilities. Everyone has the right to transform their property into their own haven, and regulations are made with the sole purpose of preserving the natural beauty of the community. If you want to have a luxury house with immaculately manicured gardens, this is the place for you. And if you want to transform your private estate into a private jungle surrounded by lush forest, then this is also the place for you. 

So, condominiums can have autonomy and regulations, and living in a gated community with well-maintained infrastructure can give you the privacy that you deserve. In this ever-changing world, it is nice to see communities like Finca Se Ve Bien lead up the way and keep up with the current needs, without forgetting about convenience.


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