Discover the Charms of Living in Santa Ana with Villa Vento

San José

Villa Vento is a residential community designed to allow people to integrate a luxurious lifestyle while keeping as much privacy and exclusivity as possible. Mention Villa Vento to your friends and colleagues and the name won’t spark any curious sights or muffled gasps, which is precisely what the few lucky owners cherish; providing them in return the utmost privacy and exclusivity that Santa Ana has to offer.

 Designed by  Reifer Arquitectos, the charms of this residential area allured a shortlist of neighbors to call Villa Vento home. Villa Vento is located just off the main road, meandering up the hillside that takes you to a subdued entrance that makes its way to some of the most mesmerizing views of Cerro Real and the mountains and valley of the Central Valley.


The development features two residential towers and a handful of luxury homes, along with spacious green areas with walking trails that surround the property. You can also find a charming resort-like pool with a bridge, and a clubhouse next to it. There is also a tennis court; although, with the size of its lots, you won’t need to leave your house, as the backyard alone will be enough to host a pool party or a friendly soccer tournament. 

 Even though the community is not widely known, any of your guests or friends that visit will be amazed by the beautiful backdrop forest and the proximity to the modern conveniences that make Santa Ana one of the most sought-after areas in Costa Rica. Because it is atop a hill and with visibility to the west, the sunsets here are something that words will fall short to describe. Additionally, the breeze from the surrounding forest makes this development feel like a sanctuary amidst the bustling city below. 


Villa Vento offers a robust security system, and it is a fully fenced and gated area. The serenity of this complex is practically assured for life as it is adjacent to a forest reserve that is unlikely to be used as anything else. Living in Villa Vento, you can rest assured that you and your family are in a safe place, and makes for the perfect community to consolidate luxury and discretion, while still enjoying the convenience of living right in the middle of Escazú and Santa Ana, two of the most cosmopolitan cities that Costa Rica has to offer. 

Villa Vento currently has one of its best estates for sale, called The Sunset Residence. This beautiful estate is the perfect house for a family to create lasting memories in one of Costa Rica’s most convenient cities, enjoying discreet luxury Its expansive yard will be the perfect place for your children to grow up, and the community of Villa Vento is sure to safeguard them while they do so. 

The area of Santa Ana is home to many expats, tech companies, high-end shopping malls, and even a golf course. But even amidst the unprecedented development, you can still find traces of the old Costa Rica, giving a charming quality to it. For example, its busy and famous farmer’s market on Sundays, or the streets teeming with pottery shops.

  Its favorable location makes it a hotspot for anyone looking for convenience and ease, and being Costa Rica’s most developed canton, Santa Ana offers a myriad of educational centers, both private and international, which positions this town as one of the most family-friendly cities in Costa Rica.

Located 15 minutes away from San Jose, just outside the capital, and with access to Route 27, one of Costa Rica’s most important highways which connects the Central Valley to the Pacific, Santa Ana is close to modern amenities, yet you can take your car and drive down to the coast, and you’ll find the most beautiful beaches within an-hour drive. Enjoy the luxury of living in Costa Rica while keeping a low profile in Villa Vento, the ideal place for the lifestyle of your dreams.


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